Wednesday, November 30, 2022

ಆರೋಗ್ಯಕರ - ರುಚಿಕರ ಡ್ರೈಫ್ರೂಟ್ಸ್ ಉಂಡೆ‌/ಲಾಡು./Healthy, Delicious "Dry Fruit...

Dry Fruits are good for health, its a known fact. Now a days many of us afford dry fruits and get benefited. Dry fruits are filled with minerals, vitamins, fiber rich, antioxidant properties etc etc.
Here I have tried simple laddu which can be prepared easily without sugar or jaggery. 
I have used natural sweet from dates. 
Eating a laddu everyday helps you to be strong, cheerful and healthy.
Its good for snack for kids box, travelling pack, picnic bask and even as munch.
 Try and enjoy this Laddu.

Dates : 250 Grams.
Walnuts : 1/2 Cup.
Almonds : 1/2 Cup
Figs : 10 .
Cashews : 1/4 Cup.
Raisins : 1/4 Cup.
Cardamom : 3 to 4 (Optional)..

Method :

Remove seeds from dates. 
Keep a pan on the fire and add littel ghee. Fry cashews and raisins. Take it out. 
Add dates and stir for some time. It turns as one bundle. Take it out and keep it aside.
Cut figs into small pieces.
Dry grind Almonds, figs and walnuts with cardamom pods. (peel of cardamom skin).
Put it to a big bowl.
Add mashed dates.
Add fried cashews and raisins. 
Mix all the ingredients nicely and prepare laddu.

Note : Use of more ghee is optional.
Dates should be mashed well, so that it mixes well with dry ingredients.
Stir dates on low flame so that it does not get burnt smell. 
Adding more almonds or walnuts is optional.
Time : 30 Minutes.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Pumpkin Masala Akki Rotti / Masala Rotti .

 Akki Rotti is one of the famous dish for ages. E

Even in our great story writers did mentioned in their story books.

I still remember a situation that the boy comes to see the girl, he is related to the girl's mother. 

Atte she is to the boy. Atte thinks that her anna's son is going to marry her daughter and the relations grow stronger. When the boy comes to Atte's home she prepared Akki Rotti and coconut chutney which is one of the good combo. 

So its not only the stories, Even most of the hotels started to prepare Akki Rotti. The taste is Yummy and suits the chill weather of Bangalore./ Karnataka.

Varieties of Akki rotti can be prepared now a days. 

Coming back to Masala Akki Rotti, I have used cooked pumpkins in this particular rotti.

No onionNo Garlic Masala Akki Rotti :

Ingredients :

Pumpkin Pieces : 1 Bowl.

Rice flour : 3 Cups.

Grated Coconut : 1 Cup Full. 

Green chilly : 2.

Grated Ginger : 1 Tbs.

Grated Carrot : 1 Big Carrot.

Curry leaves : Handful.

1 Tsp Jeera.

1/2 Tsp pepper powder.

Salt : As Required.

Boiling water : 2 Cuos.

Method : 

Wash and remove the outer hard layer of pumpkin. Wash it again and cut in to pieces.

Cook them and keep it aside.

Wash and peel off ginger outer layer and wash again. Grate it.

Wash and grate carrot.

Grate coconut and keep it.

Wash curry leaves and green chilly. Cut them into very small.

Now take a big bowl. Add rice flour, cooked pumpkin pieces and mash it nicely.

Add grated coconut, carrots, ginger, cut chilly, curry leaves, jeera, pepper powder and required salt.

Add boiling water and mix .

The dough should be little loose. (To spread it on the tava easily).

Keep a pan on the fire heat and add little oil. Spread around.

Take a handful of the dough and spread it with your finger as thin as you like.

Sprinkle some oil on top and cook on both sides.

Cook on medium flame if you want the soft rotti.

Cook on low flame if you want crispy rotti. ( It takes lots of time remember).

Serve with butter or ghee. (Your choice).

Note :

Adding green chilly is optional. Use of oil to cook is optional.

Use of more coconut is optional. Rotti taste yummy.

Mash the cooked pumpkin pieces and then add. (Optional).

Use of ginger and jeera is a must. Not only taste but healthy option. 

ಆರೋಗ್ಯಕರ - ರುಚಿಕರ ಡ್ರೈಫ್ರೂಟ್ಸ್ ಉಂಡೆ‌/ಲಾಡು./Healthy, Delicious "Dry Fruit...

Dry Fruits are good for health, its a known fact. Now a days many of us afford dry fruits and get benefited. Dry fruits are filled with mine...


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