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Wheat Flour Papdi( crispy ) Chat

Papadi is a fried fritter normally prepared using Maida. Chats are every one's favourite.
Papadi is used for preparing chats of many kind. Like Dahi papadi chat, Papdi chat and Sev papdi Papadi is used for preparing chats of many kind. Like Dahi papadi chat, Papdi chat and Sev papdi chat..etc.
Papadi chat with Sweet and Spicy Chutney (Without Curd )
You can have them with  Thick Curd on the top  with Sweet and Spicy Chutney.

I love chats with simple with mild spices. Most of the time I do prepare papdis at home and enjoy eating.  Preparing chats at home has many advantages like, You can be just sure what you are eating and that is more important to me. Another one is you can eat as many papdis. You can choose your own spreadings.
I have used wheat flour, moong dal and some spices. It has turned out crispy and exactly what I wanted.


Papdis :
Wheat Flour : 1 cup
Moong Daal: 2 Table spoon
Chilly Powder: 1 Tea spoon
Asafotodia: a pinch
OIl: 1 cup ( to fry Papdis )
Chat Mixture :
Onion: 1
Coriander leaves: 4 to 6 sticks
Carrots : 1
Boiled Groundnuts : 2 Tablespoons
Fried GroundNuts : 2 Tablespoons
Dahi/Curd/Yogurt : 1/2 Cup
Chat Masala : a pinch


1. Papadi : 
1. Soak Moong Daal for ten mintues.
2.Put wheat flour in a big bowl and add salt.chilly powder, Jeera/cumin seeds, ingh and mix it well.
3. Wash soaked moong dal and remove all the water from moong dal. Add moong dal to the flour.
4. Mix it well and add a teaspoon of ghee. Mix again nicely. Add required water and prepare dough.
5. Kneed the dough nicely and divide the dough into small portion.
6. Take a small portion and give a ball shape. Dip in wheat flour and roll that into small poori shape.
7. Prepare some small papads and arrange them in a plate.
8. Keep a  pan on the fire and heat. Put oil and let it get heat. Fry papadis on low flame till they turn crispy on both sides. (Do not burn them as black).

9. Remove fried papdis from oil and put it on a kitchen tissue.
10. Repeat the same with remaining dough.
11. Keep fried papdis in a big bowl.
Note : Fry them on low flame so that it turns crispy. Adding more chilly powder is optional. Normally papdis have only salty taste. (Plain). You can not keep them for long. It turns saggy and soft.
Toppings : 
1. Wash and cut onions into thin. Cook groundnuts and remove the shell and keep it aside.
2. Keep a pan on the fire and dry roast or fry groundnuts with very little oil. Keep it aside.
3. Grate carrots and put it in a big bowl. Add cooked ground nuts, cut oinions.
4. Wash and cut coriander leaves into thin. Mix carrots and other ingredients nicely.
5. Add salt and chat masala to the carrots, onions, coriander leaves and boiled ground nuts.
6. Mix it well and keep the toppings ready.
Sweet and spicy chutney.
Wash and grind mint/pudina, coriander leaves, jeera/sonf 1 tablespoon of jaggery and little tamarind together with salt. Use very little water to grind it. Remove from the mixi jar and put it in a bowl.
Servigng :
1. Arrange the papdis in a plate and put some carrot - onion mixture on the top.
2. Add littel sweet and spicy chutney. Top up with roasted or fried groundnuts.
3. Papdi Chat is ready to serve.
4. You can add little dahi on the top serve Dahi/Curd papdi chat.

Note :
Adding more /less chat mixture is optional. Adding more spice to the chat mixture is optional.
Adding boiled potatoes on the top of papdis is optional. ( I did not use potatoes).
All together : 1 Hour
Serves : 3 to 4 . 


  1. Ma'am, Referring to step 3 in making papdi. Did you add the moong daal without grinding it? Do we need to crush the daal while rolling out the papdi or it is rolled out with a lighter hand?

  2. Sadia dear....Moong dal is soaked for 10 minutes and then used as they are. (drain all the water completely before adding it). No need to grind or crush. It helps them to be flat and gives a crispness. Try in small amount first. Roll it lighter. Then if breaks while rolling no problems.

  3. Addition of moong dal in papadi recipe is new to me..i should try it:) thanks

  4. Thanks Shubha ..try it and let me know your likings ...


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