Monday, September 13, 2010

Green Chiily Poori

Pooris are fried dish and every one and all age group love to have them. I just tried this pootis with Green Chilly. It can be prepared for breakfast or as evening snack. It is good for kids party since it is green colour.
I have used green chilly, coriander leaves, ginger and some spices for this green chilly pooris.
It is easy, quick and as I always say Happy Tummy.

Ingredients :

Wheat flour :2 cups
Rice flour : 2 Tablespoons
Green chillies : 2
Ginger : A small piece
Jeera : 1/2 Tea spoon
Coriander leaves : One Handful.
Salt : to taste
Oil : 1 cup (To fry)
Water : 1/4 cup

Method :

1. Take a bowl and put wheat flour , salt and one spoon of oil. Mix it well and keep it aside.
2. Wash green chilly, coriander leaves and remove the outer layer of the ginger and wash it again.
3. Cut ginger and put it in a mixi jar.
4. Now grind green chilly, ginger, corander leaves, jeera and one or two pepper pods. (Use a mixi jar and add little water while grinding. (very little water).
5. Remove the ground mixture and add it to the flour bowl. Mix it slowly. Add a spoon of ghee/oil  and prepare dough. (Thicker than chapati dough).
6. Divide the dough into small ball size.  Roll all these ball size dough into circle shape.
7. Keep a pan on the fire and heat. Add oil and heat.
8. Once it is ready fry rolled spicy pooris on both sides.

9. Put it on a kitchen tissue when you remove poori from hot pan. (extra oil absorbed by kitchen towlel.
10 Repeat the same and fry pooris and serve hot pooris with a cup of curd.
11. You can also cut these pooris in to very small. (Use any water bottle top).
12. Small pooris can be packed to school in kids lunch box.

Note : 

Add minimum water to grind the ingredients. You can add water if required, while mixing all the ingredients and preparing dough. Adding more /less chilly is optional. Adding any other spice like garam masala, chat masala or even bav bhaji masala is also optional.
Time : 30 minutes
Serves : 3 to 4.


  1. Nice... i like this... specially the notes below, probably you should add them as bullet points, with heading Tips:

  2. Thanks for the recipe. My pooris donot rise while frying. It remains flat. How to make it fluffy?

  3. Wow gud idea for making a poori with new flavour


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