Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gol Gappa ( Paani Poori)

Gol  Gappa or Paani Poori is a snack and normally you have them in the evening.  Having Small crispy Pooris  with spicy water and  boiled potatoes or sprout moong or boiled channa or Moong daal  also can be used to stuff inside. Dip this stuffed poori  in two kinds of spicy and sweet water and enjoy the  Gol Gapps.
Home made  food is always healthy and safe too..

Things Required for Pooris :
Maida :  2 cups.
Chiroti Rava : 1 cup.
Salt to taste.
1 Tea spoon of oil.
Water : required.
Bottle cap : the size you  prefer. ( using for cutting the poories  before frying ).
Oil : 1 cup.
Method :
Mix Maida ( All purpose flour ) and Rava ( small size rava is called chiroti rava) with water, salt and 1 tea spoon of oil into soft dough.  Keep it for 10 minutes.  Now divide dough and  make a ball size. Take a ball size of dough and roll them on the flat surface like chapati. Now take a bottle cap or any small round shape cup and cut the pooris .  Remove the pooris and keep it aside. Repeat the same with the rest of the dough.
Now keep a pan on the fire and  put oil and heat .  When the oil is hot fry small pooris  on low flame.  Fry on both sides till they are brown.  Now remove them from oil and keep it in a plate.  Fry all the pooris in the same way.
Now  cut boiled potatoes into small pieces.  and keep it aside ..You can also use  cooked green fresh peas or soaked green grams and cut onions.

Spicy water .
Wash 1 bundle of  Coriander leaves,  1 bundle of  Pudina leaves  and 4 to 5 green chillies.  Grind these Pudina leaves , coriander leaves and green chillies  with 1/2 spoon of jeera  or Sonf with little water adding salt.  Now remove the green paste from the jar and put it in a small bowl.
Sweet water :   Grind  1 table spoon of tamarind pulp and 10  to   15 Fresh dates  using very little water  into paste.  Remove this paste from the jar and replace in a bowl.
Now take a required quantity of sweet and spicy chutneys  in a separate  small bowls and add required water and mix thoroughly  to get the spicy water. Put these water in separate small cups  along with small crispy pooris ( 6 to 8 )  and the  cut potatoes , green peas, onions ,  soaked green moong or boiled channa. and  serve.
Note : No need of coriander leaves to be served.  You can choose the stuffing item.
Pooris can be brought from outside .  Eating HOME MADE  Gol gappa  has a plus point ..that you can have them as many as you like.
Pooris can be prepared with wheat flour and  Samolina ( Rava ) Chiroti rava willl give a better result.


  1. venkatgiri saya

    Fantastic Nalini. We are proud of you.

  2. Thank You Giri Anna...for the sweet encouraging words .....


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