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Uddina Hittu

Uddina Hittu (Uriddal curry ) is one of the traditional dish of South Canara. Urid dal is soaked and ground or powdered and then mixed with savoury butter milk. ( That is the way it has to be done).

Here in Bangalore and other places I have seen people having mentya hittu for the first serve and eat it in the beginning of the lunch. (Loaded with groundnut oil to mix mentya hittu).
Eating urid dal might be good for the health since it is loaded with protein. One should know that very little quantity of urid flour. The flavour adds to the taste and good for health. Urid dal gojju is eaten with coconut oil and balakada menasu/majjige menasu/moru molagai (Butter milk soaked, salted and dried chilly.
Let us see the recipe now :  I have used the fresh ground urid dal for the gojju. 

Things Needed : 

Ground urid dal dough : 1 Tablespoon
Green chilly : 1
Curd /butter milk : 1 cup.
Salt : to taste.
For seasoning :
Coconut oil : 2 Table spoons.
Mustard seeds : 1/4 Tea spoon .
Curry leaves : 5 to 6.
Coriander Leaves : 1 Table spoon.
Ingh : a pinch.
Balakada menasu: buttermilk soaked salted and dried chilly : 2 to 3 

Method : 

1. Wash and cut green chilly, curry leaves and coriander leaves.
2. Put a tablespoon of ground urid dal to a bowl. Cut green chilly and add it to the mixture.
3. Put a cup of curd /butter milk to that bowl and add salt.
4. Add curd /butter milk and mix it well.
5. Keep a pan and put a teaspoon of coconut oil. Put balaka menasu/sun dried green chilly.
6. Fry them on low flame till they turn slightly black. (crisp).
7. Remove fried chilly from the pan.

8. Add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and put mustard seeds and ingh. Let mustard splutter.
9. Add ingh and curry leaves. Put off the fire and put this seasoning to Urdi dal gojju.

10. Add cut coriander leaves and then serve with coconut oil.

Note :

Do not add more urid dough. The dish might turn bitter. Use of savoury butter milk is always preferable. Adding more chilly is optional.
You can use fresh curd instead of butter milk. Add water to curd and make it liquid form and then use it. Use of fresh butter milk is more healthy.
Tips: Do not prepare the dish on regular basis , since curd and Urd together may cause hyper tension and increase the Blood pleasure level.
Time : 10 Minutes.
Serves 2 to 3. 


  1. Nice to see uddina hiTTina gojju recipe. I have seen some people don't like the raw smell of uddu, they roast it for few minutes. But we make it this way.

  2. Prepare Uddina Hittu gojju and have a good lunch or dinner...Its yemmy and healthy too..have good time . Its good to know that some people use roasted Urd Powder to prepare Uddina Hittu ..nice to see the comment.....thank you Deepika Pratap...

  3. nalini avare. ondu salahe. yavagalu namma purvikaru heladante, urud or uddina hittina jote mosaru or curd tinnale baaradu.

    idarinda heart related diseases haagu high blood pressure aguttte. pakashastra ondu science, adannu navu tilidu aduge maadidare, roga muktaraagi jeevana saagisabahudu. ruchi ge bekadre varshakke yeradu-mooru bari ee taraha tinna bahudu. but idanne main diet aagi tindare apaya tappidalla

  4. namaskaara sudhi ...nimma salahege dhanyavaadagalu.
    namma purvikaru majjege balasi uddina hittu tayarisuttiddaru. naavu saha haage maada bahudu. naanu mosaru upayogisi uddina hittu maaduva uddesha ondu idarinda ruchi jasti mattu eegina mandi munchinavara haage yavaagalu udduna hittu maduvudu kasta saadya. eegina yantrikateya kelasada baradalli ee reetiya adige galu mareyaguttive. Dahi ode athava mosaru vada maduvudu uddu mattu mosarinde alve. yene aagali uddu ondu protin amsha iruva dhanya. idarinda maadida idlina mosaru haaki tinnuva abhyasa eegalu namma dakshina kannada janarige priya.
    janaru tamma aarogyada kade eega tumba pramkyate koduvudarinda yendadaromme ee bageya padarta maadi tindare kandita haniyenu illa yende namma bhavane. neevu saha ee uddina hittna savi savidu nodi. idu yavagalu maadi saviyuva dish antu allave alla...

  5. neevu ondu experiment maadi, dahi vada tayarisi. 3-4 dahi vada tinni. blood pressure check maadi. haage idannu 3 dina tinni, BP check maadi. yavagalu nimma BP normal reading kinta jaasti irutte. 4 dina neevu haage tindare....tale novu, hypertension, high BP, siduku start agutte. obba olle doctor hatra hogi idannu vicharisi keli nodi, idu doctor gala secretu, yarigu helalla, helidare avarige business agalla. dahi vada idu north indian samskruti, dakishina bharatadalli, idaanu naavu yendu tindavaralla....namma mata galalli idannu maditiddilla. idu ondu aapta salahe aste...nimma recipies galige naanu dodda fan...maneyalli nanna hendathi hatra nimma recipies galannu maadisi tinnnutteve

  6. Namaskaar Sudhi avare ....first let me thank you for the praising words about my blog...I am happy that my purpose is served in a beautiful way..
    Now let me come to the point, first of all thambuli or thampina huli is made of curd or butter milk with so many things, like methi seeds, curry leaves, any type of spinach , ginger, nellikai, like wise the list goes on. Normaally thambuli is prepared for the lunch ( after noon meal), and used only for a very small quantity of rice in the first few eats. Its 100% side dish which is served beginning of the meal. Its healthy dish as our purvikaru said. Not at all as regular basis. We have so many traditional dishes which normally served in the beginning of the meal. Specially in Dakshina Kannada side. ( Udupi - Mangalore and Malanad side ). Usually thambuli is prepared during summer and with butter milk used for it. if you use curd as water and dailute the curd in to butter milk.
    Now about Mosaru Ode or Dahi Vada . Mosaru vade is very much a famous dish in Dakshina kannada. We do not add savoury and sweet chutny to it. Dahi Vadas are served during a feast or some functions. Once in a while we do prepare at home too. I hope now you too will njoy or tambuli or tampina huli...once in a while of course. Thank you very much for the good information.

  7. Nalini Somayaji, I prepared Udnittu today after ages and chanced upon your recipe because I had posted a pic of the dish on FB and someone asked me for the recipe.
    Yes, I agree with you that few would prepare this dish on a regular basis. Even on days we do, it would be prudent to balance it by mixing up some raw veggies salad, usali and gluten free rotis. We had buckwheat rotis to go with it and of course there was rice 😀 I am going to follow your other recipes too. Thanks for sharing.


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