Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chutney Pudi - Mixed Daal.

Chutney Pudi is a spicy powder prepared with channa daal, urd daal, ground nuts and red chillies. Chutney Pudi can be eaten with idly, dosa , chapati , pooris and even rice.
Things Needed : 
Channa Daal : 2  Cups.
Urd Daal : 1 Cup.
Ground Nuts : 250 Grams.
Red chilly : 20 to to 25.
Curry leaves : 1 Bunch
Salt : To Taste.
Ingh : a little.
Tamrind : Small quantity .( small goose berry size ).
Copra ( Kobbari or dried coconut ) : 1 Cup.
Method :
Roast Channa daal , Urd daal , ground nuts, red chilly , coconut , tamarind and curry leaves separately and leave if for cooling.  Add ingh to the mixture . Remove the ground nuts skin.  Roast tamarind separately and mix it with roasted daals.  Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and add salt and tamarind and dry grind them.  Put it in a bowl and mix it thoroughly and fill in the bottle and store in a dry place.
Note : Must take care while roasting the daals and ground nuts.  Should be careful not to touch with any water contained plates or bowls and the dry grinder.  Adding coconut is an optional.  Dry coconut will give a better taste. More Chilly can be added if you like more spicy. Using Dry coconut will help the chutney powder to  stay for long time . ( It will not be spoiled or smell bad ). Using coconut is an optional too.
2 Jam bottles of Chutney Pudi can be prepared. 

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