Friday, August 30, 2013

Rava Patrode

Patrode is famous yemmy spicy dish From Dakshina Kannada. Mixed spice with coconut and ground together to a paste consistency and apply this paste on Kesu leaves. (Colocasia leaves) and steam. I used Rava or Samolina instead of rice and prepared this Patorde. Rava Patrode can be eaten for breakfast, evening snack or for dinner too.

Things needed

Kesu leaves: 15 -20
Kesu leaves: 15 to 20
Rava: 3 Cups (medium size)
Coriander seeds: 3 Table spoons
Jeera: 1 Table spoon
Tamarind;  a lemon size
Red chilly : 8 to 10
Ingh: a pinch
Salt: to taste
Turmeric Powder: a pince
Jaggery: 3 to 4 Table spoons
Coconut: 3 Table spoons


1.Wash all the kesu leaves and let the water dry from the leaves. Remove the hard stem.
slightly, on the back side of the leaves using the knife. (do not damage the leaf). 

2. Grind coconut, coriander seeds, jeera, red chilly, tamarind, turmeric and ingh together till paste.

3. Add jaggery and salt to the ground paste and mix it well.
4. Now add Rava to the ground paste and mix it nicely and keep it aside for 10 minutes.
5. Now take a handful of prepared dough and a leaf and apply the dough on the back side of the leaf. Keep another leaf and apply again dough on that too. 
6. Cover the both side of the edges of dough applied leaves and make a roll. 
7. Repeat the same with the rest of the leaves. 
8. Now arrange these rolls in a idly steamer or pressure cooker and steam for 20 to 25 minutes.
9.Serve these Rava patrode with butter or coconut oil with a jaggery on the side.


The consistency of the rava spice dough should be like idly dough. You can increase or decrease jaggery according to your taste. Cook on medium heat. Poke a spoon or knife to find out whether the dish is cooked. The dough will not stick to the spoon edge if the dish is cooked properly. 

Serves: 2 to 3.

Ready to eat Rava Patrode
Applying the Dough to the leaves 


  1. Hey, happened to stumble to your site.. pathrode is my all time fav.. i jusst luv them..
    do visit my place in your free time ...

  2. Ok ..Smitha Kalluraya will certainly visit your blog....

    All the best..Smitha ...thanks for the sweet comment....


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