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Navane - Urd Idlies .- (Foxtail Millet)

Foxtail Millet is known as  Navane in Kannada, Thenai in Tamil and Korralu in Telugu.
Foxtail Millet is an healthy alternative to rice. It is gluten free food. It is rich in Protein and Iron. It contain calcium and minerals. It helps to control the blood sugar and cholesterol. It reduces the risk of heart attack. Navane is rich in anti-oxidants and ideal food for people, who suffer from diabetes and gastric problem.
I have used Foxtail Millet and Urd dal to prepare Idlies. These idlies are healthy in a way. These idlies can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, as snack or for dinner too. Navane Idlies are soft and fluffy and tasty too. All age group will definitely love these idlies and Its very good for morning breakfast or even dinner.
Things Needed : 

Urd Dal : 1  Cup
Navane (Foxtail Millet) : 2 cups
Salt : to taste
Water : required
Oil : 1 Table spoon

Method :
1. Wash and soak Urd dal and Navane separately for 3 to 4 hours.
2. Now grind urd dal till paste and Navane into Rava consistency.
3. Put ground Urd and Navane dough in a big bowl mix the dough together and add salt.
4. Leave it for ferment over night or 6 to 8 hours.( The dough has to rise).

5. Keep Idly cooker on the fire. Apply oil to idly plates.
6. Mix the ferment dough nicely and put a big spoon of idly batter into each mould in the idly plate. Fill all the plates with idly batter. Arrange them in the idly cooker.
7. Keep a idly cooker or pressure cooker on the fire. Put sufficient water and keep a plate or bowl upside down.
8. Now place the idly plates in the cooker and cover the lid and cook for 8 to 10 minutes.
9. Put off the fire and open the lid. Take out the ready idly from the plates

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10. Serve hot idly with a spoon ghee and the side dish of your choice

Note : Must take while grinding Navane. The Navane batter should be like rava consistency.
The batter should be ferment well. Navane is also called as Navane akki.Do not make the dough very watery. It should be like rice idly consistency. To remove the cooked hot idly, you can sprinkle little water on the top of idly plate. So that idly comes out quickly with out a cut and as it it round and fluffy.
Time :
Preparation : 10 Minutes
Cooking : 10 Minutes.
Extra time for Soaking, grinding and fermentation.
Serves : 4 to 5
Navane or  Fox Millet.

Navane or Foxtail Millet.


  1. Navane is called QUINOA in English. Very healthy. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Navane is not Quinoa. I thought that way too until I learnt that Navane is Foxtailmillet and not Quinoa

    2. Yes Prathima ..I know Navane or Foxtail Millet is not quinoa....may be one of the same kind of grain (Millet).

  2. Thank You Lakshmi Shrinath for the imformation....

  3. Very healthy recipe. But NAVANE is not QUINOA, it looks like it. I have used both.

  4. Hello Krishna..thanks for the information....

  5. Wow...loved the recipe. Thanks for linking this recipe at my event..looking forward for many more....

  6. I like your posts. Thanks for share.

  7. Very nice mam... after seeing dr. Khader's food lecture,was searching for Millet recipes.i found ur recipe.thanks for sharing

    1. Thank You for liking ..there are many millet recipes ..Do follow

  8. Replies
    1. Araka or Harka is known as Kodu /Kodo Millet in English..One of the millet family grain..

  9. all recipes are very fantastic, please i request you if you have all the recipes in kannada please send me to or so that even my parent can read and cook them self as they dont know to read englis

  10. Anybody tell me what called in tulu *navane*

    1. Hello You can check with Siri Dhanya ..that Millet selling shops.Hope ....The people will surely help You..We buy it here as Navane akki That is Foxtail millet ..

    2. Yes,navane is not quinoa.Both are different but millets.


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