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Dodda Patre (Coleus aromaticus) Tambuli & Rava Vada

Dodda Patre or Sambara bally is a small herb, and used as home remedy for cold and cough, and also in the south indian cooking. Tabuli or  tampina Huli ( gravy ) means the food which helps to   keep the body cool. Gravy, which is prepared using these leaves is eaten at the begining of our lunch normally. Hot rice and tambuli is a great combination, and it helps to digest your food easily. Tambuli is one of the side dish and served first while serving. Tambuli is one of the traditional dishes of  South Kenara.

Remedy for cold using Doddapatra/Sambara Balli

Dodda Patre leaf is used for cold and cough. Take 2 to 3 leaves, heat a little and squeeze out the juice, mix this juice with salt or honey and have this dodda patre juice for 2 to 4 times a day. 


Here is a recipe of Dodda patre tambuli and from that tambuli I have prepared Rava Vada which is a fried yemmy item.  I am sure every one will love to have the tambuli as well as the Dodda patre Rava Vada too. We can have Rava Vada as snack or even during lunch or dinner time.

Dodda patre or Sambara Balli Tambuli
Things needed :

Dodda Patre leaves : 8 to 10 
Jeera : 1 Tea spoon
Pepper pods : 4 to 6
Green chilly :1 
Ghee: 1 Tea spoon
Curd : 1 Small cup
Salt : to taste
Curry leaves : 5 to 6 leaves
Coconut 1 Table spoon
Ingh : a pinch

Method :

1. Wash and keep the dodda patre leaves aside. Grate coconut.
2. Keep a small pan on the fire. Heat and put 1/2 tea spoon of ghee. 
3. Add 1/2 tea spoon of jeera and pepper to the ghee. Let it turn little brown.

4. Add washed dodda patre leaves, green chilly and fry them for 2 to 3 minutes on low flame.
5. Put off the gas and shift the fried mixture to a plate.
6. Now add coconut, salt and ingh to the mixture.

7. Grind this mixture with very little water till paste and remove from the jar.
8.  Add curd to the ground mixture and mix it well.
9. Keep a pan on the fire. Add remaining ghee. 
10. Add jeera and curry leaves to the ghee and fry for 5 seconds.
11. Put this jeera curry leaves mixture to the Ready Tambuli.
12. Serve Tambuli with Hot rice.

Note :

Do not over fry jeera and the pepper pods. Do not add more coconut. You can add butter milk instead of curd. You can add at least 1/2 cup of water to the tumbuli. Usually Tambuli is prepared with savoury  butter milk. You can also use thick curd and mix the mixture and use it as Raitha for chapatis. 
Time : 10 minutes
Serves : 3 to 4

Rava Vada: 

Things Needed : 

Dodda patre Tambuli : 1 Cup
Rava (Samolina) : 2 Cups (Medium size)
Salt : to taste
Jeera : 1 Tea spoon
Oil : To Fry
Ground Nuts : 2 Table spoons  (optional)

Method : 

1. Take a big bowl and mix rava, tambuli, salt and jeera and roasted ground nuts.

2. Add a spoon of oil and mix it nicely. 
3. Prepare the dough. (Poori dough consistency)
4. Divide the dough in to small portions.

5. Now keep a pan on the fire and heat.

6. Add oil and heat.
7. Take a small portion of the dough and pat on your palm .
8. Put this patted vada in hot oil and fry on both sides.
9. Fry them on medium flame. 
10. At time you can fry 3 to 4 Rava Vadas
11. Repeat the same with remaining dough.
12. Serve this  hot Vadas with chutney or Ketch up.


You can also use cut onions if you wish. I did not. You can also add more oil to get them crispy. Heat 3 table spoons of oil and add it to rava, and rub rava with that oil and then add tambuli to rava. Mix it well and prepare the dough. Do not keep the dough for resting once you mix tambuli.(It absorb more oil).  You can also dry grind roasted ground nuts. I added as it is.
Time : 20 minutes
Serves : 3 to 4

Sambar Balli /Dodda Patra leaves


  1. lovely ! namma maneli ivatthu nimma recipe try maadtheeni :) rava vada is a super snack too , using thambuli !

    Do visit my blog when you can :)

  2. Hello!

    I have been wanting to try this recipe for a long time.. and finally found these leaves in the garden.
    The tambuli tasted very good .. had it with rice.
    Thanks for the wonderful recipe .. Love you website.
    Btw, the green chillies are missing in the steps.. i ground it along with coconut and dodda patre leaves.


    1. Thanks Shubha chilly went along with dodda patre leaves did not mention .. I think ...thank you dear..for your try and You liked it ...

  3. Tried the tamboli, tasted good. Yet to do the rave vade tomorrow with left over tamboli.

  4. Where can I get the leaves in Bangalore.



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