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Cucumber Rava Idli -Mango Chutney

Spicy cucumber Rava Idli is a main dish and we can have them for breakfast, as evening snack or for dinner. Cucumber, green chilly, coriander leaves and coconut are used with rava to prepare Spicy Cucumber Rava Idli.

Rava is a tummy filling and it is digested slowly, it keeps you filled for a long time. Good for the people who want to shed their extra weight. It is also good for diabetic people.

Cucumber is a good source of potassium. It contain Vitamin C, Vitamin A and a high amount of Vitamin K. It contains anti oxidants. It also regulates blood pressure. Cucumber helps to normalize body temperature. It also helps the patience who are suffering from gastric. It also helps to grow a healthy hair and treat skin aliments.
Here is a recipe of  "Spicy Cucumber Rava Idli ", and Totapuri Mango chutney,  which can be prepared it easily and the whole family will enjoy having these idly.

Cucumber Rava Idli 

Things Needed:
Medium Size Rava :  3 Cups
Curd : 1/2 Cup
Cucumber : 1 Medium size
Coconut : 2 Table spoons
Green chilly : 1
Coriander leaves : 1 Handful
Jeera : 1 Tea spoon
Pepper Pods : 3 to 4
Oil : 1 Tea spoon
Salt : To taste
Water : Required
Pomegranate : 2 Table spoons
Eno salt: 1/2 Tea spoon

Method :

1. Mix curd with 1/2 Cup of water and mix rava, salt in that curd mixture. Leave it aside.

2. Wash green chilly, cucumber and coriander leaves. Cut cucumber in to small.

3. Grate coconut , grind grated coconut, cucumber, chilly and coriander leaves with very little water.

4. Mix this ground mixture with  rava and mix it well.

 5. Oil the the idli plates, put a spoon of pomegranate in each mould. Keep  idli cooker on the fire. Put a glass of water.

6.  Add Eno to the Rava mixture and put a spoon of idli dough to each mould in the idli plate.

7. Arrange the plates in the idli stand and keep it in the idli cooker. Cook for 10 minutes.

8. Put off the fire and remove the idli from the plates. Arrange them in serving dish.

9.  Serve these Cucumber rava Idli with side dish of your choice.

10. I Serve Cucumber Rava Idli with Totapuri Mango Chutney and the combination is really tasty.

Note :

You can dry roast rava before using. ( I did not do). You can add more chilly and pepper. Taste differ. Using more cucumber will turn idli more soft. Using coconut is your choice. Using Eno also is optional. (I used Eno). You can use grated carrots or fresh pea pods and cashew nuts to top up the idli.
Time : 30 Minutes
Serves : 5.

Totapuri Mango Chutney

Wash and cut Totapuri( Half ripe),  add grated fresh coconut, roasted methi and red chilly, coriander leaves and salt. Grind together with little water and ingh. Shift this ground chutney and give a mustard splutter and serve with Cucumber Rava Idli. It is a good combination. Do not add any tamarind or lemon.

Roasted Methi Seeds
Roasted Red chilly and curry leaves.
Cut Mangoes (Totapuri)
Ready to grind  Mango and coconut mixture
                     Ready to Serve Mango Chutney                      
Ready to Serve Cucumber Rava idli and Mango Chutney  


  1. Very healthy recipe . love it. Pls visit and join my space too dear.

    1. thank you beena stephy ...thanks for dropping at my place...

  2. I make plain rava idli. Will try yr version.


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