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Jack Fruit Seeds Vada

Jack Seeds are used in cooking. Many dishes can be prepared from Jack Fruit seeds. I still remember my good childhood days, We used to collect jack Fruit seeds and put it under the fire to be roasted. Just sit in front of the fire waiting to get back  the cooked seeds. It was really a fun. Whenever I see Jack fruits and Jack Fruit seeds, it reminds me of those days. Now the time has changed, Jack fruit seeds are cooked in the pressure cooker
Jack Fruits and seeds are used in our cookery and it has come a long way. So even now people will make use of the seeds. I have tried the vada in my own way and it has turned it very very tasty. I thought of sharing the recipe and here it is I am writing down the recipe for you all. Do try and enjoy all I can say.

Lets see now the benefits of using Jack Seeds.
Jack Fruit seeds have tones of health benefits. They contain high level of proteins. They have rich nutritional value.They are rich in carbohydrates, dietary fiber and vitamin A, C and B. It is also packed with minerals like calcium, zinc and phosphorous. They contain  antioxidants. Jack Fruit Seeds contain high potassium and so lower blood pressure. They are good remedy for constipation.

Here is a recipe of Jack Seeds Vada  and we can have them for snack or when ever you feel like to munch some thing. I have used Jack Seeds, rice flour, onions, coconut and green chilly. It is not so spicy, so all age group people can enjoy having them. It goes very well with a coffee or tea.

Things needed;

Jack Seeds : 1 Bowl
Rice Flour : 1 Cup
Green chilly : 2
Coconut : 1 Cup
Onions : 3 (Small size)
Jeera : 1 Tea spoon
Salt : To taste
Curry leaves : 10 to 15
Oil : To Fry (1 Cup)
Salt : To taste 
Coriander leaves : 2 Table spoons
Ginger : 1 Table spoon

Method :

1. Wash, remove the outer skin (the hard one) and pressure cook the Jack seeds.

2. Cut onions washed green chilly and grate coconut and keep it aside.

3.Now grind cooked jack seeds, Ginger, coconut and green chilly with  little water into paste.

4. Remove from the mixi jar and put it in a big bowl.
5. Add cut onions, green chilly, rice flour and jeera  to the ground jack seeds.

6.  Add salt and mix all the ingredients nicely and prepare thick dough.
7.  Now keep a pan and put oil and heat.

8. Divide the prepared dough into small ball size.

9. Take a ball size dough and pat it and flatten the dough as round shape.
10. Put the  flattened dough in hot oil and fry on medium flame on both sides

11. When it turn brown remove from the pan and put it on the kitchen tissue.

12. It absorbs the extra oil on Vada. Prepare the remaining Vadas the same way.
13. Put it on a serving tray and serve hot Jack Vadas with Ketch up.
14. You can prepare pakodas with the same dough.[

 Note :

Do not add too much water while grinding. Do not add ghee or hot oil. Do not add cooking soda. (It may absorb oil if you add cooking soda). You can add more chilly if you want it spicy. You can add more rice flour if the dough turn bit loose. The consistency should be like akki rotti dough. Vada may turn soft when it is cooled. The Vadas are filling.
Time 30 minutes.
No of Vadas : 15 to 16


  1. yummy vadas.. have lot of seeds will try

  2. jack fruit vadas are new one to me.interesting. looks tempting.

  3. I must try this. It is different.

  4. Nice pictures. Love jackfruit seeds. (the only problem is removing those stuborn skin)

  5. Thank you dear Haddock ....Jack seeds cover are really hard to remove I completely agree....(I break them with hammer and then remove the skin).


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