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Mandakki Uppugari

Mandakki or Mundakki is nothing but Puffed rice or Kadale puri.(in Kannada Language). There are different ways of preparing chat with this Puffed rice. Mumbai chaat bhel puri is world famous now a days. We in Karnataka it self there are varieties of Chaats done with this Mandakki (Puffed Rice), like churmuri, masala mandakki, khara mandakki, menasu mandakki, nippattu mandakki Manadkki uppugari (Udupi or Dakshina Kannada side famous Mandakki) etc.

Mandakki Uppugari takes us back to our child hood days. We used to have Mandakki Uppugari, which used to be very simple and yemmy. In the rainy season some time this is one of the dish done quickly and served to munch. Whenever I prepare Mandakki it takes me back to those days. Anyways we do prepare Mandakki when ever we feel like eating. Crispy Mandakki with some fried nuts and some mixture (fried sev from out side) or simply mandakki and some grated coconut. Each one has it own taste and I do prepare Mandakki Uppugari some time. Some time I add grated carrots and fried ground nuts to the Mandakki Mixture. It is very tasty when we add fresh coconut oil. (If you are used to coconut oil then only you can enjoy).

Here is a recipe of Mandakki Uppugari, a spicy and tasty dish and I am sure you too will enjoy having this Udupi style of Mandakki Uppugari.

Things Needed :

Mandakki (Puffed Rice) : 1 Big Bowl
Onions :1
Rasam Powder : 1 Tea Spoon(MTR)
Carrot : 1 Medium Size
Coconut : Fresh and grated : 1/2 Cup
Ground Nuts : 3 Table spoons
Green Chilly : 1
Coconut Oil : 1 Table spoon
Salt : required

Method :

1. Heat a big pan on the fire and put Puffed rice and roast on low flame. (for 4 to 5 minutes) till it gets crispy.
2. Wash and cut green chilly, onions. Roast or fry ground nuts with 1 Tea spoon of oil they are slightly brown.
3. Grate carrots and coconut.

4. Now take a big bowl and put cut onions, green chilly and grated carrots. Add little salt.

5. Add rasam powder and mix it well. Add coconut .

6. Add puffed rice, coconut oil and mix the whole thing nicely.

7. Shift the Ready spicy Mandakki to a serving bowl.

8. Add fried or roasted ground nuts on the top. Mix it well and serve ready Mandakki Uppugari.

 Note :

Add Mandakki at the end to keep it crispy or it may become too soft. You can also add  jeera and coriander powder instead of Rasam powder. You can also add any brand of rasam powder. Adding more onions is an optional. You can also add cut coriander leaves. Adding some fried sev is also optional. ( I did not add).  You can use any type of Puffed Rice as you wish.  I have used Udupi side puffed rice. (Specially for this kind of Mandakki).
Time : 20 Minutes
Serves : 3  


  1. Thanks for the recipe. Looks yummy. I am sure would be very taste as well.

    1. Thank You Prashanth Kumar..for the sweet comment..try out it is an easy dish to prepare..


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