Friday, August 15, 2014

Rava Chakkuli

Rava Chakkuli or Chakli is a deep fried crispy snack and we can munch them any time of the day. Chaklis are made in different ways and using  differebt ingredients, like rice-urid, maida (all purpose flour), channa or besan flour, wheat flour and rava. These chakkuli is good to eat while having your coffee or tea. Any age group will fall love with Chakkuli. It will be crispy, tasty and you can not stop eating them once you start eating. This slogan goes very well with Chakkuli too.

Home Made Chakkulis are always safe. You know that what kind of oil is used and how good they are for eating. I am sure everyone will agree with my words. So time to know the recipe now. It is very easy to prepare. I have used Medium size Rava (Semolina) instead of thin (chiroti rava). I just wanted to try , thats it. It comes out super.

Here is a recipe of Rava-Rice Chakkuli. I said before, you all love this I am sure.

Things Needed : 

Rava : Semolina :  1 Cup ( Upma Rava : Medium sized)
Rice flour : 2 Cups (Fine powder)
Salt : To taste
Water : 2 Cups
Chilly Powder : 1/2 Tea spoon
Sesame Seeds : 2 Table spoons
Oil : 2 Cups  (To fry).
Bitter : 1 Table spoon full

Method :

1. Keep a pan on the fire . Put water. Add salt. When it starts to boil add rava and mix it well. Let it dissolve and thicken.

 2. Now put off the fire and remove the pan from the fire.

 3. Add rice powder, sesame seeds and mix it well with rava. If needed add water and prepare the dough. It should not be too thick or too loose. Kneed the dough well.

4. Now keep a pan on the fire and put oil and heat.
5. Prepare chakkuli using chakkuli mould and fry those chakkuli in the hot   oil. Let the oil be on medium flame.

7. You can also prepare kodubale (another snack item) using the same dough.
Chakkuli and Kodubale- Ready to Serve

Note :

The consistency should be correct to prepare crispy chakkulis. Do not add water if not necessary. Add them little by little while kneeding the dough. Add little more chilly powder and ingh if preparing Kodubali. It taste better. Fry kodubale on low flame to make them crispy. Better use it within a week.

Time : 40 minutes.
25 to 30 Chakkulis can be prepared.
Ready to Serve Chakkuli

Medium Size Rava (Semolina )


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