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Sweet Kadabu using Turmeric Leaf

Sweet Kadabu as the name says it is sweet dish and it is one of the traditional dish which is done during Nagarapanchami and Ganesh Chaturthi.

Normally during the rainy season the turmeric leaves grow in plenty. Using turmeric leaf is a healthy practice since the ages in Villages. Turmeric leaves have the same health benefits of using turmeric powder.

Rice and coconut is ground together to a paste and spread on turmeric leaf and placed some coconut - jaggery, cardamom mixture is placed and the leaf is closed at the end and steamed for about 15 to 20 minutes. Yemmy Healthy Kadabu is ready to serve. When you open the kadabu lovely aroma of turmeric slightly coming out while eating Kadabu.

Now lets see some benefits of using Turmeric leaf, coconut and jaggery.
Turmeric leaves also known as haldi leaves. They are used extensively as aromatic herbs in Indian, Thai and Malaysian cooking. Fresh turmeric leaves are used whole in select dishes. Turmeric leaves are also used as food colouring and as a basic ingredient in curry powders. Turmeric leaves improve digestion and reduce gas and bloating.

Coconut helps to prevent obesity by speeding up metabolism, providing an immediate source of energy with fewer calories than other fats. Coconut is a high dietary fiber and improves the digestion. It is a quick energy boost. Coconut contains no trans-fats. It is Gluten free, non toxic and contain antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal and it helps to aid and support overall immune system functions.

Jaggery has the ability to cleanse our body, acts as a digestive agent. It sweeten our food in a healthy manner and provide good amounts of minerals.

Here is a recipe of Sweet Kadabu, you can have them for breakfast or as evening snack and you can send these kadabu for kids lunch box and sweet tooth people also will enjoy eating " Sweet Kadabu ".

Things needed :

Raw Rice : 2 Cups
Coconut : 1 1/2 Cup
Jaggery : 3/4 Cup
Salt : a pinch
Turmeric Leaves : 8

Method :

1. Wash and soak raw rice for 2 to 3 hours.
2. Wash turmeric leaves nicely and keep them aside.

3. Grate coconut and keep it aside.

4.Grind soaked raw rice with 1/2 cup of coconut till paste using little by little water. (The dough should be thick). Add salt.

5. Now keep jaggery in a pan and keep it on the fire. Put 1/2 Cup of water. Let the jaggery completely melt.

6. Stain jaggery mixture in a stainer and keep the cleaned mixture aside.

7.Powder cardamom.

8.Keep a pan on the fire and put cleaned jaggery, coconut and powdered cardamom.

9.Stir until the coconut mixture is thickens. (Do not allow to be too thick).

10. Now put off the fire and remove the coconut mixture from the pan.
11. Now spread the Turmeric leaves and put a spoon of rice dough and spread it slightly.

12. Place a spoon of jaggery mixture and close the leaf from the sides.

 13. Repeat the same with remaining leaves. Arrange them in a plate or tray.

14. Now keep a idli cooker or pressure cooker, put 2 to 3 cups of water.
15. Place a plate and arrange the kadabus in the cooker.

16. Cover the lid and steam for 30 minutes. Open the lid and check with a knife or spoon edge. The dough should not stick to the knife. It means its cooked.

17. Now serve this yemmy Turmeric Leaf Sweet Kadubu with a spoon of ghee.

Note :

Grind rice till paste. Adding more or less jaggery  Cleaning jaggery is also an optional. You can grate or powder jaggery and mix with coconut and then keep this mixture on the rice dough. Though it looks difficult the food is so yemmy you realize when you are eating them. As I said this one of the oldest traditional and healthy dish. You can also steam only the rice content as it is. No need to stuff sweet content in them. These kadubus also taste good. You can have them with coconut chutney or with pickle.
Preparation time : 20 minutes.
Cooking time : 30 minutes.
Soaking time : 3 to 4 hours. Separately. 


  1. Nalini Ji....... This looks so tasty and yummy, like the method !!

  2. Perfect for today :) Upakarma special.. Did you grow the turmeric leaves urself or store bought?

    1. Poornima hegde..I bought turmeric leaves from Udupi store..but soon I will be planting ..thank you dear..

  3. Thks for the step by step preparation of Manjal da hire aade. (Called in Mangalore. Where do you get the Plant incase of planting it? I usually get it from mangalore stores & prepare it. Or when we go to mangalore during Nag Panchami my sister in law prepares it. Such a wonderful aroma & lovely taste. Thks so much once again Nalini. Take care & have a great day :)

  4. Vanita Amin ..thanks for the compliments...we too got these leaves from Udupi store in Malleshwaram...but you can also grow this plant by planting arasinda kombu ....which we get some time in the market or even some shops also will sell this ...arasinada kombu..

  5. WOW!Another awesome share . I am getting nice aroma here :-)YUM YUM

  6. Madam, this is my favourite dish, one sujjestion, u need not put water while preparing hoorna. Just put grated bella and coconut in to the pan to get mixed up nicely. C once.

  7. Karnad sir ...I used water to melt the jaggery , and then filtered it (just to clean up the jaggery , some time it does contain unwanted things), then I brought it to the thick consistency and then added coconut..It taste better too. We can surely add jaggery to the coconut mixture...(if the jaggery is clean)...Not to feel bad abt my opinion sir...


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