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Plain Rava Idli & Tomato Horse Gram Chutney

Plain Rava idli can be made quickly and easily and healthy too. When you are not able to grind urid dal and you crave to eat hot steaming idli , this preparation gives you 100% satisfaction.  No spice or any oil added its simply plain idli. When you are sick and feel like eating Idli this is the easy way.

These rava (semolina ) idlis are prepared with Rava and curd a little Eno to make them soft. As I said in the beginning it is very easy we can have them for breakfast, in the evening as snack or at night.

Using Rava (Semolina) helps you to reduce the weight. They also good for keeping you filled since it is digested slowly. Rava is good for diabetics. Rava (sooji or semolina) is low in sodium and cholesterol and also high in fiber. it can be considered as a balanced diet.

Here is a recipe of  " 'Planin Rava Idli and Tomato chutney".  which will be good for the whole family to sit together and enjoy breakfast or dinner

                                                                                   Ready to serve Rava idli :

 Things Needed :For Rava Idli

Rava (Semolina) :  3 Cups  (medium size)
Curd : 1 Bowl
Salt : as required.
Oil or ghee : 1 Tea spoon
Eno Salt : 3/4 Tea spoon

Method : 

1.Keep a pan on the fire and add 2 cups of  Rava and roast for 2 minutes.  Put off the gas.

2.Now add 1 more cup of rava and just mix it and leave it for cooling.

3.Now add salt and curd. Mix it well and leave it for 5 minutes. (Add water if required0.

4.Apply oil to all the idli plates and keep the cooker ready on the fire . Put little water in the cooker.
5.Add Eno salt and mix the dough nicely and put a spoon of rava idli dough on each mould in idli plate.

6.Arrange the plates in a idli cooker or pressure cooker and steam for 10 minutes. Put off the gas.

7.Put idlis in a serving bowl and serve hot idli with any side dish you have prepared.
We had idli with Tomato - Flax chutney

Note :

I have roasted 2 cups of Rava since it gives a good texture. Added one more cup of rava to give a binding. Rava idli will be very soft in this way. Do not add any spicy or oil while roasting. (The taste may differ). These idlis are really soft and fluffy and very good for all the age group. Using savour curd also helps the idli turn soft. Do not make the dough very thick. Let it be the dough be little loose.
Time : 25 minutes.
Serves : 4  People.

Tomato - Flax  Seeds or Horse gram Chutney.

Roast , 1 Table spoon of  horse gram,  or flax seeds , red chilly, 2 to 3 pods of pepper and 1/4 spoon of methi seeds  till they turn brown. Add curry leaves and cut tomatoes (1 medium sized) to the fry and fry them nicely. Now add ingh, grated coconut, salt and little tamarind. Grind it nicely using required (little by little) for 2 to 3 munutes and remove from mixi jar to a serving bowl. Tomato Horse gram chutney is ready to serve.

Time : 10  minutes
Serves : 4

Ready to grind roasted mixture.

Ready to serve Horse gram and Tomato Chutney.


  1. Looks so yummy.. Makes me hungry all over again! :D

  2. healthy chutney and rava idli nice combo to have...yumm

  3. Good recipe to try.seems you're passionate about cooking.

    1. Thank You G Madhan....yes you are right ....passionate is the beautiful words to fit in. ...and I feel somewhere some one will be helped to learn too.
      Thank you for the sweet words...


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