Friday, October 10, 2014

Apple -Banana Poori

Apple -Banana Poori  sounds some thing different right ? Normally banana is used with Maida (All purpose flour) to prepare Mangalore Buns. Mangalore buns have their own history and it is loved by Dakshina Kannada people.

These days Eating oily stuff one has to think twice, believe me these Apple -Banana pooris do not absorb much oil and it is soft and fluffy.

This recipe was tried since I was planning to use apple and prepare some food for  "Vijaya Next ".E paper. So using apple along with banana just struck and I tried it with Maida and wheat flour as equal portion. I did not keep the dough for long. Just mix and make procedure worked out well.

Apple - Banana Poori can be prepared for break fast , for snack in the evening or for dinner also. It does not take much oil and no need to be worried if you are on a diet side. It can be packed for kids lunch or snack box.  You can pack these pooris for picnics or when you have a long journey or touring. It is not sugar added.

Here is a recipe of  " Apple - Banana Poori ", which is very easy to prepare and I am sure the whole family will love to have them. Apple Banana Poori is soft and fluffy and  it will be liked by all age group.

Things  Needed :

Apple : 1
Banana : 1
Wheat flour : 1 Cup
Maida (All purpose flour) : 1 Cup
Ghee : 1 Tea spoon
Salt : as required
Curd : 1 Table spoon
Oil : 2 Cups

Method : 

1. Put wheat flour , maida, ghee and salt in a big bowl.

2. Wash and grate applae.

3. Add apple , banana and a spoon of curd to wheat flour mixture and mix it nicely and prepare poori dough.

4. You can use water if required while preparing thick dough.
5. Kneed well and divide into small balls.

6. Take a ball size dough and flatten with a chapati roller into small poori. (use oil to roll the poori).
7. Prepare small size of pooris and keep it aside. (Repeat the same with remaining dough).

8. Now keep a frying pan on the fire. Put oil and heat.
9. Deep Fry rolled pooris one by one and put it on a tissue.( Kitchen tissue absorb extra oil).

10. Serve these Hot  " Apple - Banana Pooris "  with the side dish you have prepared.

 Note :
The Poori dough should be thick. Do not use lots of water. If you find the dough can take more flour (if the dough is sticky) add wheat flour and make it thick dough. You can use little suger while preparing the dough.  Do not add more ghee to the dough.  Using wheat flour with maida helps the poori to be soft. Maida helps to give a good taste to the poori.
Time : 20 Minutes
Serves :  3.


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