Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Moong Dal Chakkuli

Chakkuli , Chakli, Muruku...name it, you crave for it. You all know Chakkuli can be prepared in so many types, using different ingredients. Rice flour, Rava, Maida, Wheat the list goes on. We can use Urid, Channa or Moong dal. We can prepare Peas chakkuli also. Anyways its done according to the taste bud, or give a try what ever it is, munching chakkuli and watching a movie or reading a book takes us to our own world. Hmmmmmmmm.

Here I have prepared Chakkuli using Moong dal, Rice flour and some spices like jeera, red chilly powder and little ingh. (Asafoetida). I prepared  this chakkuli, when I called some of my relatives to our home for lunch. This was the munch served with coffee  and tea. It goes so well with Coffee, Tea and Fruit juice. We can put these chakkulis to kids lunch box to munch after food or during break time. Good for Kitty Parties, kids parties and any parties of course.

This is the simple recipe and we can prepare this any time if we have moong dal and rice flour. I am sure you all will love to have this  crispy, crunchy Moong dal Chakkuli.

Things Needed :

Moong Dal : 1 Cup.
Rice flour : 3 1/2 to 4 Cups
Salt : to taste
Sesame Seeds : 2 Table Spoons
Red chilly Powder : 1 Tea spoon
Butter : 2 Table spoons
Oil : 2 Cups
Chakli Mould

Method :

1. Wash and cook Moong dal in a pressure cooker with required water.( 3/4 cup of water will do ).
2. Leave it for cooling.

3. Take a big bowl. Add salt, sesame seeds, chilly powder, rice flour (use fine rice flour) and butter. Mix all the ingredients nicely.
4. Now add cooked dal and mix all the ingredients nicely and prepare thick dough. ( Use extra water from cooked moong dal if required)
5.Wash and clean the chakli mould ready.
6. Keep oil on the fire and heat.
7. Divide the chakli dough into small portion and fill the small portion in chakli mould.

8. Press chakli mould and prepare chakli, arrange them on the plate.

9. Fry these chakli on medium and high flame ( balance in between) on both sides till they are change their colour.

10.Remove from the pan and put it on kitchen tissue. It helps to absorb extra oil . Repeat the same with remaining dough.

Note :

Cook moongdal nicely and kneed the dough well. Let it be not too soft or hard. ( You should be able to press from the mould).
you can use more chilly powder if you want the chakli to be spicy. You can also use jeera instead of Sesame Seeds. Better to use any one of them.. Do not use more butter. The chakli turns too soft and it may absorb more oil.
Time : 40 minitues.
25 to 30 Chakkulis can be prepared.   


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