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Boiled Rice + Rice Flour Ottu Shavige

 Ottu Shavige ( Rice Noodles)

Ottu Shavige is Home Made Noodles or a type of pasta. It is prepared with using Rice. It may be boiled or raw rice. Shavige (Noodles) prepared for special functions and festivals. Festivals like Thread ceremony and some special occasions. Though it is a long process to prepare this shavige it is one of the most liked food by all age group. We in South Canara ( Southern part of Karntaka , India) prepare this Shavige and enjoy eating with Fresh Coconut milk and Jaggery or make chitranna (lemon Shavige) and with curd curry, coconut chutney and Mango pickle and fresh coconut oil.
Ottu shavige is prepared with slightly different way in Tamilnadu, Kereala and even in Srilanka and they call it as Idiappam.
Now a days so many varieties of noodles with different size and shapes have come to the market and we do prefer the ready made. But still the Home Made is always the best and the healthiest food one must know.
 Ottu Shavige Can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Things Needed :

Boiled Rice : 2 Cups
Raw Rice flour : 1 Cup
Salt : to Taste
and Shavige Mould 

Method :

1. Wash and soak boiled rice in boiling water and leave it for overnight or 8 to 10 hours.
2. Grind it with sufficient water. Grind nicely till  a paste consistency . Add salt and remove the ground mixture to a big bowl.

3. Keep a bigger pan on the fire and put ground mixture. Add a glass of raw rice flour and mix it well.
4. Start stirring the ground mixture until it turns thick and cooked. ( 6 to 8 minutes). Put off the gas.

5 Take a handful of mixture and prepare as a balls. Arrange these balls in a plate.

6. Keep a Idly cooker or pressure cooker on the fire and put some water and keep a bowl upside down.
7. Place a plate on the upside bowl. Place the arranged balls on the plate and cover the lid.
 8. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes. (if pressure cooker do not keep the weight).

 9.Now remove the balls one by one and fill in the ready mould and press them on the plate in circle shape.

10 Repeat the same with the remaining rice balls.
  11. Ottu Shavige is ready to serve . Serve with the side dishes you prepared.

Note :

You need a Shavige  mould to prepare this. I have used Chukkli mould and the Shavige plate (which is available in the market).
You must grind the rice till paste. Use required water and add 2 glasses of water while adding rice flour.  Do not make it watery. You can not put it in a mould if it is watery and it does not taste good. Better use Shavige Mould which is available in the market.
You must press the dough when it is piping  hot or it may turn hard and pressing the shavige might be difficult.
You can have this Shavige with
Majjige huli, coconut chutney, Vegetable curry, Pickle and Coconut oil, Kai Haalu ( that is coconut milk with jaggery), Mango Rasayana. Banana Rasayana  OR you can prepare chitranna , puliyogare, etc...

Time : 40 minutes . Soaking time extra 8 hours.
Serves : 5  to 6


  1. It looks so yummy. Easy to follow recipe. Delicious. :)

  2. New recipe to me..looks great ...will definitely give it a try!!

  3. Thank you Ritu Ahuja ..Gayatgri Sathyanarayanan and padma veeranki for the lovely words said abt the recipe..

  4. Wonderful... love all your preparations

  5. Thank you Padma Venkat...for the lovely words..


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