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Rice - Wheat Parota (Bili Holige)

Rice - Wheat Parota is called as Bile Holige (Kannada) in Karnataka. Bili means white and holige means a sweet kind of paratha or pooran poli (Gujarathi or Hindi ). Using Maida is a normal practice and cooked rice flour is stuffed in side the parota. It is a plain Parota and can be eaten with your favourite curry or chutney. I tried this with wheat flour instead of maida.

This Rice - Wheat Parota is a good choice for breakfast or lunch or for dinner. It is a stomach filling and a tasty dish.
Here is a recipe of Rice - Wheat Parota, which is easy to prepare and I am sure all the family members will enjoy eating this Bili Holige.


Rice Flour : 2 Cups
Wheat Flour : 2 Cups
Salt : to taste
Water : 4 Cups
Oil : 4 to 6 Table spoons

Method :

1. Keep water for boiling on the fire and add salt to it. Let the water boil.

2. Take a big bowl and put wheat flour, 2 teaspoons of oil and prepare chapati dough using required water.. Keep the dough aside.
3. Add rice flour to the boiling water.

4. Mix it slowly and stir it nicely so the dough mixes well. Stir till it gets thicken.

5. Put off the fire once the rice flour is turned thick.
6. Kneed cooked rice flour nicely and divide them in to a ball size and keep it aside.

7. Now take chapati dough and divide the dough into small portion.
8.  Turn the small portion of chapati dough , dip this in dry wheat flour and flatten a bit.
9. Keep a portion of rice dough and cover from all the sides and flatten again slowly like chapati.

10. Keep a chapati pan and heat. Sprinkle oil on the pan.
11. Now put flattened rice flour chapati on the pan. Cook on both sides using very little oil.

12. Cook on medium heat till the parota turns golden brown.

13. Remove from the pan and serve hot Rice - Wheat Parota with the side dish

14. Repeat the same with remaining dough.

Note :
Proportion of rice flour and water  : 1 Cup Rice flour : 2 cups of water.
Do not use more water. Using a very fine rice flour is very important or Parota may turn hard.
No need to use more oil to prepare the dough. Normal chapati dough consistency is better.
Using more oil while cooking is optional. Using ghee or oil is also optional.
We had this Rice flour - Wheat Parota with  coconut Chutney , Chutney Powder and curd (Yogurt).
Time : 30 Minutes
Servings : 5 to 6  : 8 to 10 Parotas can be prepared.

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