Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Oats & Dates Laddu

Oats and dates Laddu is a sweet dish and you can surely munch at any time of the day. It is always good to have some thing healthy, when you crave for food. Oats and Dates Laddu not only satisfy your sweet teeth, it helps to fill your stomach with some nutrients.
I have used Oats, dates, jaggery and little Kallu Sakkare (Rock Candy) and dry coconut. (Copra).

Lets see some benefits of having Oats in our diet.
Oats are loaded with dietary fiber. It helps to lower the bad cholesterol in our body. It is full of soluble fiber and good for digestion and obesity. Eating Oats helps to lower the blood pressure and it balances our blood pressure. Oats contain Vitamin E and minerals like manganese, phosphorus, fiber, magnesium and zinc.
These Oats & Dates Laddu is good for kids party, picnic, travelling and as some evening snack.
 Lets see the recipe now :

Things Needed :

Oats : 500 Grams
Ghee : 100 Grams
Dry coconut : 1 (Medium size)
Jaggery : 250 to 300 Grams
Rock Candy : 100 Grams
Raisins : 2 Tablespoons
Dates : 100 Grams
Cardamom : 5 To 6 Pods.
Dry Fruits : 1 Handful (I used Walnut, cashew nuts and almonds- Altoger One fist).

Method :

1. Dry roast oats nicely till the raw smell disappear. Drygrind it into powdered consistency.

2. Cut walnuts, almonds and cashews into pieces. Remove the seeds from dates and dry grind it.
3.Dry grind rock candy (Kallu Sakkare) and cardamom seeds till powder and keep it aside.
4.. Fry raisins in 1 tablespoon of ghee and keep it aside.

5..Cut Dry coconut into small pieces and dry grind, keep it aside.
6. Keep a big pan on the fire and put jaggery. Add 1/4 Cup of water. Let jaggery melt nicely.
7. Let it boil nicely till it starts bubbling. Mix it well and leave it for 1 to 2 minutes.
8. Add powdered Oats, rock candy powder, dry ground coconut. Mix it nicely.

9. Add fried raisins and mix it well. Add cut dry fruits and dry ground dates.
10. Mix it well and put off the fire. Add ghee and mix the mixture nicely.
11. Take a handful of the mixture and prepare laddu.
12. Repeat the same with remaining mixture.

Note :

If you feel the mixture is too dry and you are not able to prepare laddu (it does not hold), keep the mixture on the low flame for 1 minute, sprikle One to two tablespoons of milk. Mix it well and put off the fire. Now you should be able to prepare laddu easily.
Use of more ghee is optional. Use of more/less coconut is optional. Use of rock candy is optional. Use of more/less dry fruits is also optional. Use of sugar instead of jaggery is optional.
Time : 30 Minutes.
25 to 30 Laddus can be prepared. (According to the size).


  1. Hello Madam, Can you provide the recipes on how to make Rasum saru..thank you in advance

    1. yes Srinath..prepared rasam..saru..just check it ...

  2. Healthy and yummy laddoo!! Simply superb!!

  3. Highly nutritious laddoos.. I ate them for about 6 months post delivery.. you made me want to make them again soon!


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