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Kesuvina Soppu (Colocasia Leaves) -Toor dal Dry Curry

Kesu/Colocasia Leaves are used in curries, Patrode.  ( A special dish from Udupi, Dakshina Kannada, Malnadu). Kesu Leaves are rich with iron and is good to have during winter and rainy season since it helps to keep our body warm.
We can prepare many dishes using kesu/colocasia leaves like chutney, gojju, curries, spicy dosas, Kesu leaves upma, gasi etc the list goes on.
I have prepared dry curry using Kesu Soppu/Colocasia as we call it. I have used toor dal and some spices to prepare this curry. This curry might take little time but it taste really good.
Kesuvina soppu/Colocasia leaves and Toor Dal dry curry goes well with plain rice, chapatis and pooris.

I have seen one of our close friend preparing this type of curry. She has used cluster beans and toor dal. The combination is superb good and goes well with hot rice and spoon of ghee.
Cluster beans is seasoned with mustard seeds and then cooked on low flame. While cooking she added ground toor dal and spice mixture. It was cooked on low and medium flame. The clustered beans toor dal dry curry tasted fantastic. I have followed the exact way but used very littel oil.
There are 2 options to prepare this curry.
1. You soak and grind tour dal, grind with spices and steam and then powder the content and then to cooked vegetable.
2. You grind tour dal with spices and then add it to the leaves and cook on low flame.
I have used the 2nd  method, though it takes little more time, but its authentic.
Lets see the recipe Now.
                 No Garlic OR No Onion Recipe.

Things needed:

Kesu Leaves : 6 to 8 Leaves.
Green chilly : 1
Toor Dal : 1/2 Cup (3 Handful )
Coconut : 2 Tablespoons
Daniya/Coriander seeds : 1 Teaspoon
Jeera : 1 Teaspoon
Red chilly powder : 2 Teaspoon
Tamarind : 2 Marbles size
Salt : As required
Ingh : a pinch
Ginger : An inch
Oil : 2 To 3 Tablespoons
Mustard seeds: 1/2 Teaspoon
Urid dal: 1/2 Teaspoon
Ingh : a pinch
Curry Leaves : 8 to 10

Method :

1. Wash and soak toor dal for an hour. Wash and slit green chilly
2. Wash and cut Kesu/Colocasia Leaves and cut it into small pieces.
3. Grate coconut, grind it with toor dal, red chilly powder, corinader seeds, ingh, curry leaves, ginger and jeera. (use very little water)

 4. Grind it like rava /rave consistency. (not fine paste).
5. Keep a pan on the fire and heat. Put a tablespoon of oil. Add mustard seeds and urid dal.

6. Add curry leaves when it splutter. Add, slit green chilly, ingh and kesu leaves. Add tamarind pulp.
7. Stir once slowly. Add turmeric powder. Add salt. Mix it slowly.
8. Add ground toor dal mixture and stir once. Let it cook on low flame.
9. Add very little water and a spoon of oil. Mix it well and let it cook on low flame for 6 to 8 minutes.
7. Stir once slowly. Add turmeric powder. Add salt. Mix it slowly.
8. Add ground toor dal mixture and stir once. Let it cook on low flame. Sprinkle water inbetween so that it cooks well. I

10.Stir in between while cooking. It takes about 8 to 10 minutes to cook completely.
11. Add coriander leaves and little coconut on the top.

12. Shift the Kesu -Toor dal curry to a serving dish.

Note :

It should be cooked on low flame and make sure it has cooked well. (Do not allow it burn at the bottom). Adding more/less chilly is optional. Adding more oil is also optional. Adding more oil helps to cook the dish quickly. Adding more spice is optional. I have added tamarind pulp.
You can use any edible leaves to prepare this dry curry. (Use your choice of leaves instead of colocasia leaves. Reduce the tamarind. Let it be very little). Use of cluster beans and cabbage also can be used..
Time : 20 Minutes
Serves : 3 to 4
You can also prepare Cutlet with this Cococasia Dry Curry.
All you need is
2 Boiled Potatoes, garam masala and jeera powder little salt.
Take big bowl and smash boiled potatoes,
Add a bowl of Colocasia - Toor Dal dry curry ( 3 to 4 Tablespoons of Dry curry),
1/2 Teaspoon of garam masala, 1/2 Teaspoon of jeera powder and required salt.
Mix all these ingredients well and divide them into small portion.
Keep a dosa tava on the fire. Add a spoon of oil and heat.
Take a small portion of cutlet mixture and pat it on your palm and give a shape.
Put this patted cutlet on the tava. Roast or shallow fry on both sides.
Use of oil is optional. More/Less. Use of more oil is taste. Use of less oil is healthy. I did it with minimum oil.
Repeat the same with remaining cutlet dough. Serve cutlets with chutney or ketch up/Sauce.


  1. I would prefer to have this with rice

    1. Thanks Amrita Roy..Yes it goes very well with Rice...and little ghee or coconut oil ..

  2. Wow! Very innovative curry. Looks really inviting. Kesuvina soppu is my favourite leafy vegetable.

  3. Delicious curry that is also healthy too.

  4. I know that we can colocasia leaves are wonderful in taste, though I haven't yet tried.. Your pictures are tempting to make it soon.. :)

  5. Oh tasty curry.. colocasia leaves are very common in my native and all we make of it is karkli(spicy chutney) and pathrode.. this one certainly is different and tasty..must try recipe!


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