Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dry fruits -Rock Candy Laddu

Dry Fruits laddu with Rocky Candy is a healthy dish and can be munched on any time of the day.
I have used dried figs dried and fresh dates, little almonds and cashews

Deepavali is here and its nice to prepare some sweets which can be distributed to friends and relatives. Lets think of our health and turn the sweet which we prepare to be less of sugar. Let the       love fill with sweetness. So here is one such try. As I say always Dry fruits -Rock Candy Laddu is an easy dish and anybody can try it. Nothing to roast or fry. Almost no fire dish is this Laddu.
Lets see the benefits of Using Rock Candy in our diet.
Rock candy is loaded with healthy benefits and it is widely used in sweet preparations. It is used as mouth freshener. It is unrefined form of sugar and considered as healthy. It is good remedy for running nose (cold) and sore throat. Rock candy is widely used as refreshing drink. It helps to relax our body and mind. It provides energy.
Lets see the recipe Now : These laddus are healthy to have and good for kids.

Things Needed: 

Dried Figs : 10
Dried Dates : 10
Fresh Dates : 10 to 15
Almonds : 10 to 15
Rock Candy (Kallu Sakkare) : 3 to 4 Pieces.
Cashew pieces : 1/2 Cup

Method :

1. Remove the seeds from figs and dates.

2. Dry grind all the dry fruits except cashew pieces.
3. Now put all dry ground powder in a big bowl.
4. Add cashew pieces and mix it nicely.

5. Divide the mixture into small quantity.
6. Now take a small portion and prepare laddu  (round shape)

7. Healthy Laddus are ready to serve or eat.

Note :

No need to add any ghee or butter while preparing laddu. Fresh laddus helps to prepare the laddu easily. Roasting or frying nuts are optional. (I have not roasted or nor fried the nuts). You can add any dry nuts of your choice. Adding more Rock candy is optional. I have added only 3 to 4 small pieces.
Time : 20 Minutes.
15 Laddus can be prepared . (Small size).

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