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Onion Rava -Wheat Crispy Dosa

Crispy Rava dosa who doesn't like?..It is yummy, crispy and very good for breakfast/an evening filling if you are very hungry. I too love these crispy Rava Dosa, but home made dosas.
Rava dosa is prepared using Rava (normally medium size), rice flour and maida. Maida/all purpose flour should not be eaten they say. Since it is bleached it turns has very fine and with full of starch. Eating maida/all purpose flour said to be unhealthy and either you should avoid eating or you should minimize intake of this flour.
I have tried "Rava dosa" with Rava/Semolina, wheat flour instead of maida/all purpose flour and rice flour.
Let us see the recipe now :
Things Needed :
Rava/Semolina : 1 Cup
Wheat flour : 1/2 Cup
Rice flour : 1/2 Cup
Onions : 1 ( Medium size)
Green chilly : 1
Curry leaves : 1 Handful
Coriander leaves : 1 Handful.
Ginger : 1 Teaspoon (Grated)
Fresh grated coconut : 2 Tablespoon
Salt : As required
Curd : 1/2 Cup
Water : As required
Oil : 2 to 3 Tablespoons.

Method :
1. Remove the outer layer of onion and wash it again. Cut into small pieces.
2. Remove the outer layer of ginger and wash it again. Grate it and keep it aside.
3. Wash and cut curry leaves and coriander leaves into thin pieces.
4. Grate coconut and keep it aside. Wash and cut green chilly into thin pieces.

5. Take a big bowl and put all the flour and salt. Mix it well.
6. Add water and curd. Mix it well and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.
7, Add cut onions, coriander leaves, green chilly, curry leaves and coconut.

8. Mix it well and prepare the dough. (Let it be like Neeru dosa consistency).

9. Keep a dosa pan and heat. Sprinkle oil around the pan.
10. Mix the rava dosa dough and just pour it around the pan in circle shape.
11. Cook on low flame. Put a teaspoon of oil on the top while its cooking.

12. Turn the other side and cook for a minute. Crispy dosas are ready to serve.
13. Serve with the main dish of your choice.

14. Repeat the same with remaining dosa dough.

Note :
Rava dosa dough should be watery. You can add 1 1/2 Glass of water to 1 cup of rava. Mix the dough well each time when you put dosa. Or the thick content will stay down and only watery part will be in the spoon. This does not form proper dosa. So remember to mix the dough nicely again and again.
Let the dosa cook on low and medium flame. Cooking in low flame will turn the dosa crispy. If you want soft dosa remove dosa a bit earlier. Adding carrot gratings is optional. It turns the dosa soft.
Adding coconut to dosa is optional. It adds to the aroma to dosa. Using more oil while cooking is optional. Adding onions to dosa is optional. You can prepare dosas without onions too.
Time :  40 Minutes
Serves : 3 to 4

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