Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Niger Seeds Chutney Powder (Hucchellu Chutney Pudi)

Niger Seeds/Hucchellu/Gurellu are roasted and powdered and used as one of the side dish with almost all the main dishes. I have tried this Niger Seeds Chutney powder with organic Niger Seeds.

I have used Niger seeds, red chilly, dry coconut and curry leaves.
Gurellu/Hucchellu/Niger seeds chutney powder is very famous side dish in Uttara Kannada /North Karnataka. It goes well with Jolada rotti and other rottis. It is also called as Gurellu Chutney pudi.
Let us see some benefits of having Niger seeds in our diet.
Niger seeds contain oil. Niger Oil helps to improve the cholesterol balance and the oil contain high level of Omega -3 fatty acids. It has anti inflammatory properties and helps to lower the blood pressure and reduces the strain on cardiovascular system. It has a rich source of antioxidants. They do contain nutrients like protein, fiber and good health ability. Niger seeds contain minerals like magnesium, potassium and zinc and Vitamin C. It is good for people who suffer from insomnia or chronic restlessness. They are good for cough and cold. They helps to protect the skin.
Lets see the recipe Now.
No Garlic is added to " Niger Seeds Chutney Powder".

Things Needed :

Niger Seeds/Ucchellu /Hucchellu/Gurellu : 100 Grams
Dry coconut : Grated : 1 Cup
Red (Byadagi) Chilly : 10 to 12
Ingh : Asafoetida : A little
Curry leaves : 2 Handful.
Tamarind :
Salt : As required

Method :

1. Clean and dry roast Niger seeds/Ucchellu/Gurellu and leave it for cooling.

2. Wash and dry the curry leaves and dry roast it till they turn crispy. Add tamarind and dry roast.
3. Grate or cut dry coconut and dry roast it for 2 to 3 minutes.
4. Put all the roasted ingredients in a big bowl. Add dry ingh and required salt.

5. Dry grind it till they turn powder. (Dry grind it in smaller quantity).
6. Put the dry ground Niger Seeds chutney powder in a bigger bowl and let it cool.

7. Put it in glass bottles and store it. Use/Serve whenever you want it.

8. It stays for months together but it is better to prepare in small quantity and use the fresh powder.

Note :

Dry roast on low flame. Over roasted seeds might give out the bitter taste. Adding fresh coconut is optional. Dry roast fresh coconut gratings nicely. Adding roasted garlic is optional. Adding jaggery is optional. ( I have not added). Adding mustard seeds seasoning is optional. I have not added.
Time : 20 Minutes.

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