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Baragu /Proso Millet Laddu

Baragu / Proso Millet is one of the healthy grain. Millets are known for their nutritional and  medicinal values. I have tried these Laddus with Baragu/Proso Millet.
I have used Baragu/Proso Millet, dry coconut/copra, jaggery and little ghee.
These laddus are good to munch at any time of the day. You can pack them for kids snack box. Good for ladies kitty parties. Good to take it for travelling. Baragu/Proso millet is stomach filling and good for people who diet. People who are dieting should make use of this millet. (Reduce the ghee amount).
Let us see some benefits of eating " Millet " in our diet. 
Millets are known for their healthy values. They are rich in nutrients, Vitamins and minerals. They are rich with fiber. Millets are slow in digestion and good for people who are on diet food. Millets are rich in fiber and good for people who suffer from constipation problems. They are good for diabetes and obesity. They are rich with soluble and insoluble fibers. They contain minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium and healthy fats. 
Baragu/Proso Millet is known as Barri in Hindi, Panivaragu in Taminl, Varagu in Telugu and Baragu in Kannada Language.
Baragu/Proso Laddus are healthy laddus and you can have them any time of the day.
Let us see the recipe Now :

Things Needed :

Baragu/Proso Millet : 2 Cups
Jaggery : 3/4 Cup
Sesame seeds : 2 to 3 Tablespoons
Raisins : 2 Tablespoons
Cashew Pieces : 2 to 3 Tablespoons
Cardamom : 5 to 6 
Ghee : 2 to 3 Tablespoons
Dry coconut/Copra : 1 Small dry coconut.

Method :

1. Clean and dry roast Baragu/Proso millet on low and medium flame till they change the colour.

2. Dry grind coconut and keep it aside. Powder cardamom.
3. Dry roast sesame seeds till it starts to pop up. Powder roasted Baragu and sesame seeds.

4. Keep a pan on the fire and add jaggery. Add little water. (1/4 cup).
5. Let the jaggery melt nicely and starts to boil. Put off the fire and sieve the jaggery water with a strainer.

6. Put the clean jaggery in a pan. Keep it on the fire. Let it boil nicely till one string consistency.
7. Reduce the heat to low flame. Add dry ground Baragu and sesame seeds.
8. Add dry ground coconut and cardamom powder. Put off the fire.

9. Add ghee in a pan and heat. Add raisins and cashews and fry nicely. Put this fried dry fruits to the Baragu /Proso Millet mixture bowl.

10. Mix all the ingredients nicely and take a small portion. Prepare round shape laddu.

11. Baragu/Proso Millet Laddus are ready to serve.
12. Serve Baragu/Proso Millet Laddu at any time of the day.

Note :

Dry roast Baragu/Proso millet till the raw smell disappear. (Roast it on low flame). Adding more jaggery is optional. Adding more dry fruits is optional. Adding more ghee is optional. If the mixture turn dry and if you find difficult to prepare laddu, add little melted ghee and then prepare laddu. You can use hot milk instead of melted ghee is optional. But you can not store them for a long time.
Time : 30 Minutes.
Serves: 25 to 30 Laddu can be prepared. (According to the size).

Baragu /Prosso Millet Laddu Preparing Video...: 


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