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Mango Jam

Jam is fruit content and liked by kids, younger generation and even the elders. It is soft, sweet and if made at home it is healthy. Here is such a try that you can prepare jam in very easy way.
I have used mango fruits which are brought from Our Birthi Mane At Salikeri a place near Brahmavar - Udupi - Karnataka - India.

Home grown fruits are organic, they are grown naturally, Its watered naturally during the rainy season and get hold of the moisture in the roots. Each house will be having 2 to 3/ or even more mango and jackfruit trees and they do give us the healthy fruits during their seasons. I got these mangoes from our native house which is ripen and fallen from the tree.
It so happens that fruits starts to fall of because of wind and rain. We pick them and store them and then prepare rasayana (Mango Payasa ). Or it can be used for pachdi, a side dish which goes well with hot rice and ghee or coconut oil. Or curd curry.
In our native people eat these mangoes with curd rice. It goes well with curd rice and curd rice is well digested because of eating mangoes.What a combination of healthy way of eating our elders had ? They knew what to eat. and the limit and the use of seasonal fruits and vegetables. I have seen my father in law used to grow veggeis in front of the house. The house is surrounded by a big gate and lot of space in front of the house. So he used to put up soil and then plant vegetables which are easy to grow like, bendi, harve (amarnth leaves), ridge gourd, bitter gourd, tindli, snake gourd (padavala kai). etc. They used to grow naturally and no chemicals. The manure from the cow shed and the shredded leaves mixed together and then used as manure. Those are the only days that we can think and cherish them.
Coming back to mango jam.
I brought so many like 20 to 25 mangoes which are dropped down by wind. When it is just about to ripe. This tree's mango is bit savour and  I used them for jam using some jaggery.
It is very simple and easy but takes little more time to be thick.
Fresh Mango Jam which is ready to be packed for the relatives.
Let us see the recipe now :
Mango Jam is prepared Twice. The first one is just about to get it thick and easy to spread. Needs to be kept in the fridge after each use.The other one is stirred little more and got a thick consistency. Remember to use a glass bottle which is a healthy option.
The mangoes are from our home (Birthi Mane - Salikeri  - Brahmavar - Udupi - Karnataka - India).
I have used savoury mangoes which are ripen. They are very small compared to usual big ones and they are bit savoury too. ( They are known as wild mangoes or Kaatu Mango as we say in Kannada language).

Things Needed :

Wild Ripe Mangoes : 15 to 20 or more
Jaggery : 1/2 Kg
Corn flour : 1 Tablespoon
Salt : A pinch


1. Wash and clean all the mangoes nicely in a dry towel or cloth. Spread it on a dry tray or plate.
2. Squeeze out the pulp completely and put it in a big bowl.
3. Powder or grate jaggery and add it to the mango pulp.
4. Keep it on a medium flame and stir continuously.
5. Add a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of corn flour.

6. Stir till it get the thick consistence.

7. The first try I have tried this Mango Jam with little softer and good enough thickness.It is very easy to spread the jam easily.

8. The second time I have stirred a little more and got the thicker consistence.

9. When it turns thicker you can put off the fire and let the jam get cooled.

10. Use a clean and dry bottles and fill the ready jam you have prepared.

Note :

The first type of jams are surely to be kept in the fridge. Or they get spoiled. But they are soft and easy to prepare excellent mango juice.
The jam which it tried 2nd time is perfect jam and you can also spread them easily on the bread, or eat with dosa/idly/chapati etc.
Adding more jaggery helps mango pulp to get it thick consistency.
You can add some sweet variety of mangoes. ( I have not added). The mango which is kept in the tray is a Neelam Mango and I have just taken a pic with this mango). I have used a non stick pan to prepare this Mango Jam.
Better to use glass bottles as a healthy aspect. I have given this jam to many and they were very happy.
Since it is home prepared you can use them any time of the day. No chemical or artificial flavour is added here. Use of corn flour is optional.
Serves : 2 to 3 small bottles. 
Time : 1 hour or little more.

Simple Bread Mango Jam Sandwich.

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