Friday, February 9, 2018

Fruits & Spicy Rava Rotti

This Fruits and Spicy Rava Rotti is some thing new and creation of my own idea. 

When I do prepare something its like what to change? What makes the food more interesting. How about adding this or that, so and so. Here is one such creation and that is Fruits & Spicy Rava Rotti.
I have used bottle gourd gratings, pomegranate seeds, apple gratings, coconut and little milk.
This rotti taste bit sweet and mild spicy. I have also used some spices like jeera/cumin seeds and chilly powder. The combination of fruits adds aroma to rotti.
Rotti is normally a favourite dish of many. Even I like any type of rotti and do prepare it as I like it. I am sure you too like it and really enjoy this yum yum rotti.
No onion or no garlic is used here. No sugar or jaggery is used here. It is the fruits give a very little sweet taste.
Let us see the recipe now :

Things needed :

Rava/Semolina : Medium sized : 2 Cups.
Bottle gourd :  1 Bowl. (1/2 of one medium sized bottle gourd)
Pomegranate seeds : 3 to 4 Tablespoons
Ripe Banana : 1
Coconut : 2 to 3 Tablespoons
Chilly Powder : 1/2 Teaspoon
Salt : As required
Milk : 1 Cup
Jeera/Cumin Seeds : 1/2 Teaspoon
Oil/Ghee : 2 to 3 Tablespoons

Method :

1. Wash and remove the outer layer of bottle gourd and grate it.

2. Remove the skin of banana and smash it nicely.
3. Grate coconut and keep it aside.
4. Take a big bowl and put all these grated coconut, bottle gourd and salt.
5. Add milk,  smashed banana pomegranate seeds, jeera/cumin seeds and chilly powder.

6,. Add rava and mix all the ingredients nicely.
7. Let it rest for 10 minutes.

8. Keep a tava on the fire and heat. Add a teaspoon of oil. Spread it around.
9. Take a handful of rotti mixture and spread it on the hot tava. (Let the flame be low while spreading the batter).
10. Put some oil on the top of rotti and cook on medium flame. Cover and cook for a minute or little more.
11. Turn the other side and cook for a minute.

!2. Now the Fruits and Spicy Rava rotti is ready to serve. Serve with the side dish and a spoon of ghee on the top of hot rotti.

13. Repeat the same with remaining batter.

14. Ghee goes well with this Fruits and Spicy Rava Rotti.

Note : 

Use of curd instead of milk is optional. Rotti turns soft and nice. Adding little jaggery is optional.
Allowing the batter to rest, turns rotti soft and yummy. Use of milk or curd is optional. You can use normal water instead of boiled milk. Milk adds to the taste and aroma.
Time  : 30 to 40 Minutes.
Serves : 3 to 4 .


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