Saturday, October 6, 2018

Visit to Hotel New Samrat - Sheshadripuram

Hotel New Samrat is by the side  of Sudharshana Silk  in Sheshadripuram. It is very close to Malleshwaram. Just a few steps take you to Malleshwaram Mantri Mall.

Jayarama Somayaji 
It is one of our favourite hotel because of many reasons.
The reason we like this hotel is not only food the other things like parking area in a very busy Sheshadripuram and Malleshwaram. 
The clean surroundings. By the side of the Hotel there is a very big and famous Sudharshan Silk. 💆💆💆💆
I normally prefer the cleanliness of the surroundings.
The food we eat. It should be simple, not much of spicy and oily. 
It is not that highfy and it is very much reasonable and food served is really tasty.
We had been here for lunch for many times, even when my sisters from Udupi were here. 
The South Indian meal is very comfortable. It is filled with Poori /chapati, 2 curries, rice, sambar, rasam,curd, pickle, and a sweet.
 North Indian meal will be roti, dal, palav. North Indian curries, pickle and sweet. And the special meal is filled with many dishes and it is a full meal that you can enjoy eating more and more. Lots of sweets and spicy food also available.
They do serve varieties of curries, rotis from North India and South India.
 In the evening it serves varieties of Chats. 
Today we had Dosas, Sev Poori and coffee. They were really tasty and the aroma of coffee filled with freshness.
It is simple and not much of spice. Here are some pics of food and the hotel interior. The furniture setting.
Masala Dosa topped with fresh butter  - Sambar and Coconut Pudina Chutney 

Plain Dosa with Sambar and Chutney.

Plain Dosa with with butter topping, Sambar and Chutney as side dishes.

Sev Poori - the last bite ( I forgot to click the pic )


Hot Coffee just to gulp 

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