Friday, April 5, 2019

Holige / Pooran Poli Yugadi Special

Yugadi / Ugagi is a New Year for Hindus. It is one of the main festival and the first festival of the year always.The spring starts and the trees wear green new leaves, full of fresh vegetables and fruits flow in the market. May flowers turn the trees with their beautiful orange flowers. Though it is bit hot in the weather the festival makes every one happy and hugs all of Us.

Happy New Year to Each and Every One. 2019 - Vikari Samvatsara 

Holige /Pooran Poli /Poli /Boli is one of the sweet dish done in most of the houses and celebrate the festival Yugadi. Newly wedded couple ( Daughter and Son in Law ) are invited to daughter's parents home and every one enjoy being together and have fun.
Here are different Holige done in my blog. They are healthy, easy, and delicious. Every one can enjoy preparing and having Holige OOta.

1.  Rava Jaggery Holige :


2. Coconut Holige /( Obbattu /Pooran Poli )

3 Channa - Toor - Coconut - Holige.

4. Yugadi feast :

5. Dates -Coconut Holige:

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