Thursday, June 25, 2020

Finger Millet - Dates Unde

Ragi Huri hittu /Finger Millet roasted flour and Dates Unde is the sweet Unde I tried very recently.
There is no sugar or no ghee. It gets the sweets from dates. Dates are rich in iron, calcium and other vitamins and minerals. It helps you to keep strong and prevents cold, cough in distance manner. 
Just check this video that I have done recently and it is easy to understand my language, thats kannada language from Karnataka.
As I said it is very simple Unde.
All you need is 
Ragi Huri hittu/Roasted finger millet flour and dates. Yalakki is added in powder form.
I have used cashew nuts and badam/almonds in pieces. I did not roast it.
Remove the seed from dates and need to pound it. To pound I used my kitchen slab and the chapati roller. Kept all the dates on kitchen self and hit with the chapati roller till it turns soft.
Then put ragi huri hittu, this pounded dates with cut cashews and badam. 
Mix all the ingredients and take a small portion and roll it in your hand. 
Small laddu is eneough to get your thurst.

Small laddu is eneough to get your thurst.

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