Wednesday, March 31, 2021

A day with Sihi Kahi Chandru Sir - Bombat Bhojana / Star Suvarna Cookery Show.

 Participating in cookery show is something nice and the experience I just enjoy doing it. 

Very recently I had this lovely experience, participating in a cookery show Bombat Bhojana, which is hosted by Mr. Sihi Kahi Chandru Sir who is very famous and very creative. He does lots of veg food creations and visits food places and gives information where to eat ? what are available there and good food to taste even in small stalls. 

My blogs really helped me to put a step ahead here. Whenever I see Bombat Bhojana cookery show done by him, was longing to go and do take part. Seeing ladies participating in one part of the show, I have just asked many that how did they participate and what is the way to go?No one answered me and I kept thinking how to reach. 

Being a follower of Bombat Bhojana page in Facebook and I followed him as one of the follower I simply wrote a message that I would like to take part in his cookery show. And I completely forgot about it. I am not good at following massage in Messenger. To my surprise I saw a message popping up from Chandru Sir saying we will call you soon. 

Wow. The stars dancing up in my eyes. I told my husband, children and had no place to show my happiness. 

The next thing I did was messaged after some days telling waiting for the call.

The next moment Chnadru  Sir sent his phone number and I called him and talked to him.

He said He read my blogs and got to know so many things from my blog. 

How to express my happiness? 
I knew this before it self because when One of my facebook friend and good artist Mrs. Aruna Balaji commented for one of my post. Chandru Sir too commented saying he has learnt so many things by following my blog.
 I normally post my food dish in some food pages and share the link of the food dish from the blog. Mr. Chandru Sir also commented and said he had learnt so many things from my blog post. 

So the journey to participate in His Bombat Bhojana  Cookery show in Star Suvarna has started this way.

March 23rd was fixed for the participation and his assistance Ashish guided me.

So we went from here to Raja Rajeshwari Nagar and to Krishnappa garden lay out around 9 am.

When I called Ashish, he came out and led us inside where the shooting was going on for Nalapaka.

Mamatha the beautician did some make up and I did my hair just a little combing. I did not want the hair to be tied. So it was comfortable.

Chandru Sir talked to us and I told him How happy I am. He too was very happy to meet us. He was talking about my blogs and appreciating the food I cook. So we talked and made ourselves comfortable and cool.

The kitchen assistance Anil asked me to check the ingredients and it was done.

There I met Sindhu a sweet lady who is very nice and liked our Udupi Style of food she said.

I met Sindhu who does the food decoration for food presentation.

I did 2 food dishes like 1. Sippe sutta Southe Huli and 

2. Akki Kayi Vade. 

 Chandru Sir helped me a lot during that time of  shooting about his style and the food I am making and other things.It was indeed good exposure and experience.

We had real fun while cooking both the dishes. 

This is my 3rd participation in cookery shows done.

The first one was with Sarala Jeevana  and I did Our famous Paradi Payasa.

The second was with Suvarna Channel  and it was with Naveen H

and this time it is Bombat Bhojana  with Sihi Kahi Chandru Sir. 

Thank you so much Sir.

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