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Healthy Nutty Laddu/ Laadu / Unde

 Healthy Nutty Laddu is one of the healthy sweet that name it  self says " Healthy" . Nuts are always nutritious.and helpful provider of vitamins and minerals.

When it is said Nuts my mind tries to remember of my childhood days at My doddamma House. When I was about 1 and half year old my doddamma took me to her house to Udyavar. She is my mother's sister who had no children of her own. It is not that she did not get her pregnancy. When she was in her early pregnancy her mother in law made her to work very hard and because of that she lost her pregnancy. It happened twice and then she could not concive she used to say. So sad to hear that. I have seen her mother in law who was very rude and she made my doodamma to suffer so much. 

In those days all these nuts were used by rich people and not many could buy as they think.

But my doddamma used to give me some raisins every day, hiding raisins in her sari edge. She used to take me behind the cow shed and feed me those raisins. Raisins are very good for health and good for good blood as every one knows. Her mother in law will shout out if she sees that. She took care of me like her own baby until she died. Even our wedding beegara authana held in Udyavara Mane. Even now I am attached to that house. My younger sister lives there and we visit whenever we visit our home town. Its like my mother's home for me

Lets come back to Our healthy Laddu preparation.

This Laddu is good for all age group. Kids can take it for snacks. People who travel very often can carry this  laddu. It can be used as breakfast or as snack.

Things Needed :

Almonds : 2 Cups.

Cashews : 1 Cup.

Raisins : 1 Cup.

Dates : 20.

Ghee : 1/4 Cup.

Kallu Sakkare or Rock Sungar/Candy Sugar : 1 Small Cup.

Cloves : 2 

Cardamom :  4 Whole Pods. (Remove the seeds from it).

Method : 

1. Remove the seeds from dates and cut dates into small.

2. Dry roast almonds and cashews on low flame.

3. Now dry roast raisins just for 1 minute.

4. Put dates and stir till it gets soft.

5. Let all the roasted nuts get cool.

6. Now dry grind almonds and cashews with cloves and cardamom seeds.

7. Put it to a big bowl.

8. Dry grind softened dates. Add it to almond mix.

9. Dry grind Rock sugar/Candy sugar/Kallu Sakkare. Add it to nuts mix.

10. Mix all the nuts, raisins (As it is), powdered sugar candy and dates.

11. Add 1/4 cup ghee and mix it well.

!2. Prepare Laddu taking small amount of this nuts mixture.

13. Make Laddu same way with remaining Mixture.

14. Laddu is ready to serve or eat.

15. Store in Air tight box. It can stay for long time. 


Do not add ghee while roasting.

No need of sugar or jaggery. Sugar candy helps to avoid cough.

Do not add more ghee. It might turn smelly later.

You can add small pieces of Sugar Candy. You can enjoy this sugar candy bits while enjoying Laddu.

Time : 40 Minutes.

20 to 25 Laddus can be prepared. : According to the size of Laddu.

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