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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Fresh Turmeric Milk

Turmeric milk is one of the healthy drink. It is good to have turmeric drink, since it helps to keep away the cold, cough and take care of your health in good way.

These turmeric roots are from our pot plants. Some time back/its almost a year back I have planted this plant and made use of the leaves for making Kadubu. (Traditional dish from Udupi). The new leaves grew and the plant started to dry up. I never thought so much it spreads and gives out the best roots.

Let us see some benefits of Turmeric.

Turmeric is said to be natural antibiotic and is used in our cooking. It is also used to heel the wounds as I know. It is anti inflammatory agent, good for treating arthritis, helps to decrease inflammation of joints and reduces the pain. Turmeric helps to promote the heart health. It regulates the blood pressure and reduces the heart diseases. The curcumin in turmeric boosts the brain health. It helps in to boost protein. It helps to increase the good cholesterol level in our body. Good for our skin and helps in removing dark circles.
Let us see the recipe now :
It is an easy recipe and helps to boost our health.
Use of jaggery is optional. 

Things Needed :

Turmeric Root : An Inch
Fresh Milk : 2 Cups.

Method : 

1. Boil milk and let it be hot.
2. Wash turmeric root and scratch out the outer layer. (Thin layer).

3.Grate the turmeric root and put it in 1/2 cup of hot water. Do not boil. (For 2 minutes).

4. Now add this to boiled milk and mix it well.

5. No need to sieve the milk. You can eat the last remained pieces as it is. (Optional).

6. Fresh turmeric milk is ready to drink or serve.

7. Adding jaggery is optional. (Little jaggery can be added at the end). Do not add when milk is boiling.

8. Hot Turmeric Milk is ready to serve.

Note : 

You can use organic turmeric powder instead of turmeric roots. Do not drink daily. It might heat up your body. This milk is good for cold, cough,throat pain and even fever.
Time : 10 Minutes.
Serves : 2
You can grow turmeric in pots. 

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Banana stem Dal

Banana Stem dal is one of the healthy dish and it is said that at least once in a year you must eat banana stem. It helps to cleanse your intestine. It also helps to remove or reduce the stone in gal bladder.

Banana plant is one of the God's gift to mankind. Each part of this plant is used by man.  Banana fruit to eat, banana leaf to have food, banana stem is used  medicine.  It has very good medicinal value and used in home remedy medicines.
Eating banana stem helps to cleanse our body and take care of our kidney. It helps to reduce or remove the stone formed in the kidney. It is said if have gulped the hair by chance it can bring out the hair from your body. But remember this stem should be used rarely. (Once in a while). Often used  It heats up the body and you might get ulcer in your mouth, the eyes might turn red because of excess body heat.
I have used banana stem, moong dal, tamarind tokku (tender tamarind green chutney) and some green chilly.
Let us see the recipe now :

Things Needed : 

Banana Stem : 1 Bowl
Moong Dal : 1/2 cup
Green chilly : 2 to 3 
Tamarind Tokku : 1 Teaspoon full
Salt : As required
Ginger : An Inch 
Seasoning : 
Coconut Oil :1 Teaspoon
Mustard seeds : 1/2 Teaspoon
Jeera/Cumin seeds : 1/2 Teaspoon

Method :

1. Wash and cut banana stem and remove the thread you get while cutting.
2. Cut it into very small pieces. Wash and soak them in plain water.

3. Wash and put moong dal in a pressure cooker and add cut banana stem.
4. Add little water and cook for 3 to 4 minutes.( Or little more).

5. Wash and cut coriander leaves, curry leaves and slit green chilly.
6. Wash and remove the outer layer of ginger and wash it again. Grate the clean piece and keep it aside.
7. Keep a pan on the fire and add oil. Let it get hot. Add mustard seeds and let it splutter.
8. Add jeera and cut chilly. Fry for 10 seconds. Add ingh and curry leaves.
9. Add cooked banana stem and moong dal. Mix it well. Add little water, grated ginger and required salt.
10. Mix it nicely. Add turmeric powder. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes.
11. Add tamarind tokku if you have or add tamarind pulp. ( 1 Tablespoon).

12. Mix it well and cook for another 2 minutes. Shift Banana stem Dal to a serving dish.

13. Add cut coriander leaves and serve.
14. Adding a tablespoon of ghee helps to enhance the taste.

Note :

You should soak banana stem pieces quickly in plain water. It helps to retain white colour as it is.
Adding any spice of your choice is optional. Adding tamarind pulp instead of tamarind tokku is optional. Adding more chilly and use of any cooking oil is optional. Adding water to get the thickness of the dal is optional. It taste better if it is bit thick. Do not get worried if the pieces are not soft and do not think they are not cooked well. They are bit hard even if cook them for long time even. So let the pieces be very small.
Time : 30 Minutes
Serves :  4 to 5. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pain Relief Massage Oil

Massage oil for painful knee joints, shoulder joints, back ache and other parts. You can also use this oil for applying on scratches and itching areas which has caused by ant or mosquito bite. This is something different and helpful recipe. This is purely for massaging and not edible.

Ingredients I used here are available in your kitchen and you can prepare it easily and store it.
Coconut oil, cloves, garlic, pepper pods with little rock salt  is used in this recipe.
Lets see some benefits of cloves garlic and pepper's medicinal values.
Cloves are loaded with antioxidant, anti septic , local anesthetic, anti-inflammatory properties. They are good  Rubefacient (something that treats or prevents the symptoms of disease) and anti flatulent properties.
Garlic prescribed garlic for a wide range of conditions and illness. Even in olden days garlic was promoted the use of garlic for treating respiratory problems, poor digestion and fatigue. Garlic has also been used as a medicine throughout ancient and modern history to prevent and treat a wide range of conditions and diseases. They are loaded with antibacterial and antiviral benefits. They are good source for controlling infections by bacteria, virus, fungi and worms.
Black pepper is rich in antibiotic properties. It also contain Vitamin C. They curb harmful free radical reactions. When the skin loses its natural pigmentation, it turns white. This disease can be treated with using black pepper as a cure.  Black pepper contain anti-oxidant properties and it helps to glow your skin, good for anti aging and anti wrinkles and dark spots. Black pepper is rich source of anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties an helps to prevent acne.
Lets see how to prepare this "Pain Relief Massage Oil:.

Things Needed : 

Coconut Oil : 250 Grams
Garlic Pods : 10 to 15
Cloves : 10 to 15 pods
Pepper Pods :1 Teaspoon
Salt : 1 Tablespoon

Method : 

1. Separate garlic pods and smash it slightly.( Including the outer skin)
2. Just slightly smash pepper and cloves.
3. Keep a pan on the fire and heat. Add coconut oil. Let it be on low flame.
4. Add smashed garlic, cloves and pepper. Let it boil nicely for 3 to 4 minutes.
5. Now put off the fire and add salt. Mix it well and allow it to cool.

 6. Fill in the glass or plastic bottle and use it whenever you need it.

Note :

Heat oil on low flame. So that it does not burn much. Adding turmeric powder is good option. But it can cause stain on your clothes after you apply the oil. One must remember that, you need to massage oil in slow process and rest for at least 20 minutes before bathing or washing. (Do not massage hard, because you are not trained for that). Do not boil salt. The oil may turn sticky. You can also add Camphor (Karpoora ...pooja karpoora) .This will very much help you to reduce the pain.
Time :
Preparation : 10 minutes + boiling 5 minutes.
Total time : 15 Minutes.
It can be stored for long time.  

Monday, May 4, 2015

Almond - Poppy Seeds Drink

Almond - Poppy Seeds Drink is one of the traditional drink from Udupi. 
It helps to cool your body and mind during the very hot seasons of April to May. This drink is energetic and filled with proteins and other minerals. It keeps you healthy and take care of you. 

Almond - Poppy Seeds Drink helps to cool your body. Both the ingredients are cooling agents. This is one of the healthy drink I have seen my aunt used to prepare.She used a table spoon of fresh coconut along with poppy seeds instead of almonds. Fresh coconut helps the poppy seeds to grind nicely since they used the grinding stone with hands. Fresh coconut milk is adds the value to the health. Consuming fresh coconut is good for increasing good hormones in our body. In those days almonds consider to be very rich people food and it was used in rare and special occasion by common man.

I have used poppy seeds, almonds, jaggery (liquid form of fresh jaggery) and a pod of cardamom.
Ready to Serve Almonds -Poppy Seeds Drink.
Lets see some benefits of adding almonds, poppy seeds and jaggery in our diet.
Almonds are good resource of mono unsaturated fats. They help to lower the bad cholesterol(LDL). Eating almonds regularly in our diet help to raise good cholesterol.(HDL). It protects against cancer and prevents diabetes. It helps to boost energy and helps to prevent birth defects.Strengthen the bones and teeth. It is a good remedy for anemia and takes good care of our hair.

Poppy seeds contain good amount of minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. They are rich in dietary fiber and essential fatty acids and they help to maintain overall health  Poppy seeds are used for mouth ulcer which is caused by heat, since they have the quality of cooling the body. Poppy seeds contain good amount of fiber and it is good for people who suffering from constipation. Poppy seeds are known for inducing the good sleep. It is well known fact that,  drinking Gasagase ( in Kannada language) payasa, puts the person to a good sleep. :) .They help to improve heart health and prevent bone damage. They help to boost energy and fight against the  skin infections. They also help to boost immune. They contain minerals like calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus and copper.

Jaggery helps for good digestion and prevents constipation. It helps to cleanse the liver. It also helps to increase the immunity in our body. It balances the hormones and helps you to stay in good mood.
Having a glass of Almond- Poppy seeds Drink helps you to be good energetic, keeps you fresh, helps to glow your skin in hot summer.

Things Needed:
Poppy seeds : 1 Table spoon full.
Almonds : One handful
Cardamom : 1 Pod
Jaggery : 2 to 3 Table spoons.
Method :
1. Clean and soak poppy seeds for 5 minutes.
2. Soak almonds in hot or normal water and remove the outer skin and keep it aside.
3. Grate jaggery and powder it. ( I used fresh jaggery (liquid form).
4. Remove the cardamom seeds from the pod.
5. Grind all the ingredients except jaggery with little water till it turn into paste.
6. Add jaggery and churn for 2 minutes and let it mix well.
7. Now pour out the mixture and add required water and make the drink into little thin.
8. Put it to the serving glass and serve. Add ice if you like just before serving . ( I did not).

Note :
Clean the poppy seeds since it might contain small particles of sand. Soak it nicely. so it turns into paste when it grinds. No need of roasting the poppy seeds. You can also add fresh coconut while grinding. It adds to the aroma of the drink. ( I did not).
Adding more or less jaggery is optional. No need of adding milk to it.
Time :  10 minutes
Serves : 2.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Antina Unde (Edible Gum Laddus)

Antina Unde(Kannada) is a very healthy Laddu, prepared using lots of nuts and Antu (edible gum) or Gondu (gum). Antina unde is also called Dink or Dinka Laddu.

Antina Unde is specially prepared for the lady after her delivery. Antina Unde helps her to get back to the energy which is lost during the process of the child birth. Lots of ghee, edible gum jaggery with nutmug and nuts like almonds, cashew, raisins and cardamom is used to prepare Antina Unde.

Lots of ghee is used to fry these things and it is believed that it helps the lady to get back to her normal life after a painful delivery. It also helps her to be healthy and carry on her daily normal work. Antina Unde helps the ladies to get the strong spinal strength and produce the breast milk to the nurishing mother.

Dinka or Gond is an edible gum. It is extracted from the bark of the Axie - Wood tree. It is available in cristal form as pearly yellowish pieces of varying sizes. Edible gum contain calcium, magnesium and potassium. It protect against cold. It also known to treat chronic kidney diseases, digestive disorder. Gond can help lower cholesterol.

Almonds are used for relief from constipation, respiratory disorders, coughs, heart disorders, anemia and diabetes. It also helps to maintain a healthy hair, skin care and dental care. Almonds have been connected to a higher intellectual level and they have long been considered an essential food item for growning children.

Poppy seeds are pleasant in taste. They are nutritious oil seeds used as condiment in cooking. Poppy seeds helps to lower the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol levels in the blood. They are good source of dietary fiber. They help to over come the constipation problems. The seeds are excellent source of B - Complex, Vitamins. They contain good levels of minerals like iron, copper, potassium, manganese, zinc and magnesium.

Here is a recipe of " Antina Unde " that contain lots of nutrition and less ghee. This is a healthy recipe and I am sure each and every one will love to eat this Antina Unde. I have prepared this laddus My way of doing.

Things Needed : 

Antu (Edible gum) : 1oo grams
Badam (Almonds) : 2 Cups
Poppy Seeds: 100 Grams
Dry dates (Uttutte)  : 100 Grams (10 to 12)
Kallu sakkare : 100 Grams
Walnuts : 50 Grams
Cashew Nuts : 50 Grams
Jaggery : 1 cup
Pista: 1 Tablespoon (optional)
Cardamom : 6 to 8 pods.
Dry Coconut : (Copra) : 1 (Small one)
Ghee : 2 to 3 Tablespoons.
Raisins : 100 grams.

Ready to serve Antina Unde


1. Cut dry dates in to small pieces.

2. Grate dry coconut.
3. Dry  Roast 1 cup of almonds.

4. Dry roast Gum.

5. Cut the other cup of almonds in to small pieces.
6. Now powder the dates and 1/2 portion of copra, cardamom.

7. Powder the dry roasted almonds and Kallu sakkare

8. Powder roasted gum.
9. Now all these powdered mixtures and cut almonds in a big bowl.

10. Dry roast poppy seeds and dry grind when it cools down. Put the ground mixture in the bowl.

Roast walnuts slightly and add it as it is .(Do not roast more than 20 seconds).

11. Keep a pan on the fire and put 2 tablespoons of ghee and heat.

12. Fry cashew and raisins in the ghee and add it to the mixture.

13. Keep a pan and put jaggery and 1/4 cup of water

14. Bring it to boil and let the jaggery melt and turn a string consistency.

15. Put this jaggery syrup to the mixture and mix it nicely.

16. Now mix it well and take a handful of the mixture and prepare laddu.

17. Repeat the same with the remaining mixture.

18. You can add a spoon of melted ghee inbetween. It helps to prepare the laddu.


Remember dry roasting should be done on low flame. You can also add cut dates as it is. (dry grinding is an optional). You can add nutmug powder (1 Tea spoon) to the mixture. (If you are feeding the baby adding nutmug adds to the nutrition). I have not added. Adding ghee will enhance the taste. I have added the minimum. Do not roast copra since it is already dried. Adding red kallusakkare is also a healthy choice. You can use little kallusakkare and more of jaggery.(optional).
You must roast the antu (gum) nicely and then powder it. Do not powder the hard gum if it is not roasted. It may not be powdered well.

Preparation time : 30 minutes
Cooking time : 3o minutes 
Total Time : 1 Hour
50 Laddus can be made ( sizes differ)

Laddus with less jaggery : 

1. Dry ground Mixute (The same dry roasted nuts and kallusakkare mixtue).

2. Keep a pan on the fire and add 2 to 3 tablespoons of jaggery and put a table spoon of water.

3. Let it boil to a string cosistency. add this jaggery syrup to the nuts mixture. Mix it well.

4. Store this mixture in a glass bottle. You can eat them whenever you want.
Take 2 tablespoons of this mixture and eat as it is or adding a spoon of hot milk and mix it well and eat it.

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