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Friday, April 24, 2020

Jackfruit Kesari

Jackfruit is a seasonal fruit and is better to use them in their season to get its health benefits.
Jackfruit Kesari baath/Sheera is a sweet dish prepared using Jackfruits which I got from my sister.
It is an easy dish and yummy to have it

I have used jackfruits, jaggery (Joni bella), cardamom pods, ghee and saffron.
Jackfruits are loaded with healthy properties. In olden days people and animals used to visit the vast forest and look for jackfruit trees to fill their stomach. No wonder there is a proverb saying Eat jackfruit in an empty stomach and eat mango fruits after food. Eating jackfruits fills your stomach and you will have no worries of any indigestion. And eating mango fruit helps to digest the food you had. People have shown the way to live a healthy life by saying proverbs which are good steps to our healthy life.
Jackfruit trees not only provide fruits as food, the roots of the tree holds water which pour down during the rainy season. It is so sad that the forest is cut down and made bare land for the greedy man. The rain has reduced due to cut down of trees and deforestation  and rain  water is simply runs through the land and gets into seas.
Jackfruits are good source of potassium and have low cholesterol levels.
Let us see The Recipe Now :

Things needed :

Jackfruits : 10 to 15
Rava/Semolina : Medium size : 1 1/2 Cup
Jaggery : 3/4 Cup
Ghee 3/4 Cup
Cardamom Pods : 5 to 6
Boiling Water : 3 Cups
Cashew Nuts and Raisins : 1 Handful
saffron flakes : 5 to 6

Method :

1. Put 2 to 3 Tbs of ghee in a big frying pan and keep it on the fire. Let it melt.
2. Add cashews and raisins and fry. Powder cardamom and keep it aside.

3. Add rava and fry till the raw smell disappear. Cut jackfruits in to small pieces.

4. Add jackfruits and fry for a minute. Add  boiling water and mix it slowly. Let it cook on low flame.

5. Once it is thicken add jaggery and stir continuously and slowly.

6. Add saffron flakes and remained ghee. Mix it well and cook on low flame. Add cardamom powder.

7. Shift the ready Jackfruit Kesari to a serving dish and serve.


Cut jackfruit into small pieces. Rava/Semolina should be fried nicely till the raw smell disappear to get good Kesari texture. Adding more ghee is optional. Adding food colour instead of saffron is optional. I have added Joni Jaggery. (Liquid jaggery). You can use store bought jaggery , then powder it and use it. Powdering jaggery helps the jaggery to melt easily and quickly.
Time : 30 to 35 Minutes. 

Friday, October 4, 2019

Apple Kesari baat / ಕೇಸರಿಬಾತ್

Apple Kesaribaat is a sweet dish and it can be prepared quickly and it is very easy too.

Kesari baat, sheera the names are very familiar because Uppittu - Kesari baath go hand in hand.
Even in the hotel it is known as khara baath for Uppittu and Kesari baath is the sweet combination for Uppittu /Upma.
As the name mentioned this Kesari baat has apple in it. It also has rose petals which are grown from our pot garden. We have a pink rose plant in a pot and it does bloom flowers. I use these flowers in preparing the other sweets also.
Rose petals adds to the taste and it gives out the aroma of divinity. I have prepared this Apple Kesari baat for evening snack on last Saturday.. We had some bread bajji/pakoda with this Apple Kesari baat and kesari baat tasted heavenly.
I just spread the kesari baat in a tray and cut into pieces later. 
Let us see the recipe now : 

Ingredients :

Rava/ Rave /Sooji /Semolina : 1 1/2  Cup
Sugar : 1 1/2 Cup
Cardamom : 4 to 5 Pods
Natural Rose Petals : 10 to  15. (2 flowers)
Apple : 1 Medium sized
Ghee : 3/4 Cup
Cashews and Raisins : 2 to 3 Tbs
Boiling Water : 2 1/2  to 3 Cups

Method :

1. Powder Cardamom and keep it aside.

2. Grate apple and keep it aside with Rose flower petals. Keep 3 Cups of water to boil.

3. Keep a pan on the fire and heat. Add 3 to 4 tbs of ghee and fry cashews and raisins.

4. Add Rava/Semolina and fry till the raw smell goes off. Fry on low flame.

5. Add boiling water and mix it slowly till it turns thick and cooks soft.
6. Add sugar and mix it slowly. It turns as liquid and continue stirring.

7. Add grated apple and rose petals.

8. Slowly mix all the ingredients nicely till it turns back to thick.

9. Now add remaining ghee and powdered cardamom.

10. Stir slowly and shift the ready Apple Kesari baath to a tray or bowl. Spread Kesari Baat evenly
and cut it later once it is cooled or serve as you like.

Note :

You can reduce the ghee quantity. (Optional).
Remember that you should fry  rava on low flame, so that rava does not get burnt. Adding more sugar is optional. 
Time : 20 Minutes.
Serves : 5 to 6 (According to the quantity you serve).

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Soft Mysorepak

Mysore Pak is one of the yummy sweet that most of us like it. 

Celebrating this sweet with festival is a divine thought too. 

Let us celebrate this Deepavali 2018 with Soft MysorePak.
There is a story about this Mysorepak How it has got its name Mysore pak.
The story goes like this.  This Sweet Mysore pak was first time prepared during Shri Krishna Raja Wadiyar Rule in Mysore. 
Shree Krishna Raj Wadiyar was ruling Mysore that time. He was fond of sweets they say. He asked his palace cook Mr. Kakasura Madappa to prepare some thing nice, tasty and delicious. Madappa just prepared the mixture of sugar, ghee and gram flour/channa flour/besan flour. The sweet turned so nice as golden colour. King Krishna Raja Wadiyar ate this sweet,  which melted so easily and it was delicious. He was curious to know the name of this sweet. When he asked Madappa, he did not know what to say/ because he never thought of the name for this sweet. He suddenly uttered Mysore pak. It is done in Mysore first time and the pak means pakam /cooking. The name Mysore pak got its name in this way.
Let us see the recipe Now :

Things Needed :

Channa flour /besan /gram flour : 1 Cup
Sugar : 2 Cups
Ghee : 2 1/2 Cups
Cardamom : 3 to 4 pods.

Method : 

1. Dry roast channa flour till the raw smell disappear. 
2. Remove the pods from cardamom and powder it.
3. Melt the ghee into liquid form and keep it aside.
4. Apply ghee to plate /tray and keep it aside.
5. Now put sugar in a big bowl and keep it on the fire. Add 1/3 of water and melt it completely.
6. Stir in between and mix it well. Sugar liquid starts to bubble. 
7. Check for 1 string consistency. Le the flame be very low.
8. Slowly add roasted besan and stir. Add ghee in between and should stir continuously. 
9. Keep on adding ghee and stirring. It slowly change its colour. Stir and put each time a tablespoon of ghee and stir.
10. Leave the stirring for few seconds and stir again. You can see the content turning golden colour.
11. Leave it for few seconds and stir again. It starts to come up. Stir and let it come up again. Add cardamom powder. 
12. Again leave it for 2 seconds and shift the Mysore pak content to a ghee spread tray /plate.
13. Cut it according to your wish when it is hot. But do not try to remove it when it is hot. 
14. Let it cool down. Now remove the pieces slowly and put it in a air tight box.
15. Soft Mysore pak is ready to serve.

Note :

Do not allow the content to get hard. The proportion should be the same as mentioned above. You can remove the ghee which oozed out from Mysore Pak while shifting it to a plate. Do not go on stir till it hardens. Just stir twice or trice after it changes its colour 
Time : 30 Minutes.
Serves : 12 to 14 Pieces. ( According to size ).

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ragi - Oats Laddu

Raagi Oats Laddu/Unde is a sweet dish and You can enjoy this Laddu any time of the day.
It is a healthy laddu because I have used jaagery, Oats, Raagi/Finger Millet combination is a good combination.

I have used groundnuts, roasted channa, jaggery, Ragi and Oats.
Lets see some benefits of having " Roasted Channa" in our diet.
Roasted channa is eaten as it is some time. They are rich in protein, fiber, minerals and fatty acids. They are low in fat and packed with energy. It helps to keep the blood sugar levels stable. They are rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium.
Lets see the recipe now :

Things Needed :

Raagi/Finger Millet : 2 Cups
Oats :  3 to 4 Cups
Jaggery : 2 Cups (Grated)
Dates : 5 to 6
Almonds : 6 to 8
Raisins : 1 Handful
Groundnuts : 1 Small Cup
Roasted Channa : 1/2 Cup
Ghee : 3 to 4 Tablespoons
Kobbari/Copra/Dry Coconut : 1 (Medium size)

Method : 

1. Keep all the ingredients ready. Cut almonds and dates into small.
2. Powder jaggery (or cut into small pieces).
3. Grate or cut coconut and dry grind till it turned into powder.
4. Keep a pan on the fire and heat.
5. Add a tablespoon of ghee and let it melt. Put raisins and fry till they get fluffy.
6. Remove the raisins from the pan, add ragi flour and fry till the raw smell disappear. ( 4 to 5 minutes).
7. Remove and put the ragi flour in a big bowl.
8. Add Oats to the pan and dry roast till it turns slightly golden brown. Dry roast groundnuts and remove the outer layer. Let it cool.
9. Shift the roasted oats to a plate and let it cool. Dry grind it into powder.
10. Put jaggery to a pan and put 1/2 cup of water. Let it melt completely and starts boiling.
11. Sieve this content and throw away the dirt.
12. Put liquid jaggery in the pan and keep it ready.
13. Dry grind almonds and cut dates and add it to the roasted ragi flour. Just give a churn (grind a little) to roasted channa. (Do not powder it).

14. Dry grind roasted groundnuts slightly. (Do not powder it). Add it with other ingredients.
15. Now keep liquid jaggery on the fire and let it boil and get one string consistency.
16. It starts bubbling. Let it bubble for 2 minutes.
17. Boil for another 1 to 2 minutes and put all the roasted, powdered ingredients.

18. Add powdered dry coconut and roasted chenna (Huri kadale), groundnuts and mix it well.
19. Mix it well and put off the fire. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of ghee.

20. Mix it nicely and prepare Laddu/Unde.

21. Take a handful of mixed ingredients and try to give a round shape.

22. Keep them in a glass bottle or clean air tight box.

Note :

Adding more jaggery is optional. Powdering the ground nut is optional. It adds to the taste.
Adding more ghee is optional. It adds to the taste.
If you find hard to turn them as round shape then add little hot water or milk. It eases and mix all the ingredients nicely. Or you can add melted ghee to the flour.
You can also use melted ghee to add moisture to the ingredients. Divide the ingredients in to small portion. Add a spoon of ghee to each portion at times and mix that nicely and prepare laddu.
60 to 70 Small laddu can be prepared. :  I have prepared these laddus for Navarathri feast. 
Time : 40 Minutes.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Horlicks MysorePaak

Happy Deepavali to You all. Horlicks Mysore Paak is the special sweet prepared for this Deepavali. You get Holicks burfi (Sweet made of Horlicks), is available in the market and I have eaten the sweet
It is nice, ghee aromatic and just melts in the mouth. It taste very nice and I wanted to try it any way. Some months back Anupama Hegde (one of the friend from Paka Shale) had put up the pic and written the recipe too. So It gave me an idea and I tried it here. I have adjusted the ingredients according to my taste.
This is one of the recipe that should be very careful and must do it on low flame.
Let us see the recipe Now
Besan /Channa flour : 1 Cup
Ghee : 1. 5 Cup (1 and 1/2 Cup)
Sugar : 2 Cups
Milk Powder : 2 Tablespoons Full
Horlicks : 1 Cup

Method :
1. Roast besan nicely with a tablespoon of ghee. Shift it to a tray.

2. Put sugar and add 1/3 cup of water. Mix it well and stir. Let it melt.
3. It starts bubbling after a while. Stir continuously. Let all the sugar melt nicely.

4. Add roasted besan/channa flour when it turns into a thread consistency. (One string consistency).
5. Keep mixing and add 1/4 cup of ghee and stir.
6, Stirring should be done continuously. Add ghee in between.
7. Mysorepaak slowly changes its colour to slightly. Leave for a second and stir.
8. The content starts coming up. Add milk powder and stir.
9. Add horlicks and stir and mix it well.
10. Add the remaining ghee and mix it well and shift the content to ghee spread tray.
11. Just press it evenly with a spatula or a spoon.
12. Cut it according to your wish when it slightly cools down.
Note :
You should do the whole process on a low flame. You can dry roast instead of frying the besan flour at first. Melt the ghee just before using. The content starts to leave out the ghee you put. That indicates Mysorepaak is ready. One should be very careful or it turns as chocolate. (Hard). You can use your choice of horlicks. (I used plain horlicks). It is better to cut it once it is slightly cooled.
Time : 25 to 30 Minutes.
Serves : According to your wish. (25 to 30 Pieces can be made).
 Do watch the video for complete recipe.

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