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Monday, March 2, 2020

Easy Jolada Rotti/ Jowar Roti

Jola/Millet/Jowar/Sorghum Rotis are very famous these day. These Jowar rotis are soft, healthy and gluten free. I have tried to do Jowar rotti in this way and it is an easy method to prepare.

It is very important to use fresh jowar flour to get good rotis. 

Let us see some benefits of using Millet in our diet.

Jola / Jowar is one of the millet family grain and millets are good for health. They help to balance the sugar level and blood pressure level. They are gluten free. They have very little carbs in them.
It has no cholesterol in it. It is fiber rice grain. Good for diabetic patients.
Previously I have posted a method of making jolada rotti . That is you boil water and then add millet flour, stir till they turn one ball. Kneed the done dough and use it for making Millet rotti. You can try that method if the flour is kept for some time and then using it.

Here is a simple method and easily you can prepare Jolada Rotti.

Ingredients :

Jola/Jowar/Sorghum :  2 Cups
Hot boiling water : 1 Cup
Salt : A little
Ghee (Optional)
Method :
1.Take a big bowl and add Millet/Jola /Sorghum flour and add 1 cup of hot boiling water.

2. Just leave it for 2 minutes. Mix all the flour nicely. Add normal water and prepare dough.
3. Prepare dough and kneed it well. Divide the dough in small portions.

4. Keep a cup of dry flour in a bowl.
5. Take a small portion of the dough and kneed it well in your hand.
6. Dip the dough in dry flour and roll it like chapati. Do not press hard while rolling.

7. Keep the tava /pan on the fire and heat. Put rolled roti and cook on medium flame.
8. Press the rotti  slightly on edges with a wet towel or with spatula you use.

9. It starts to fluff up. Turn the other side and cook for a minute.

10. Take out roti from the tava and apply ghee on one side and place it on a tray or plate.

11. Prepare the same way with remaining dough.

12. Serve Hot Jolada Rotti with sides of your choice.

Note :

Try exactly what is said above. One should kneed the dough well. Dry flour should be applied to roll the rotti. Do not put any oil while cooking. Cooking these rotis on gas flame is optional. I did not cook on direct flame. Remember to use fresh flour to get good rotis.
Time : 30 to 35 Minutes.
Serves :  6 to 8 Rotis.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Raagi + Spring Onion Rotti

Raagi or finger millet is known as Taidalu in Telagu, Kelvaragu in Tamil, Panjapulle in Malayalam and Maduva in some parts of North India and Nachani in Marathi.
Ragi is considered as a highly nutrient food in India and it is cultivated from ancient times of India. Ragi has wonderful and amazing qualities. Ragi is rich in minerals like calcium, iron and thiamine. Ragi is also rich in carbohydrates, low in fat and helps in reducing obesity. Ragi is a boon for poeple suffering from diabetes. It is also a good for people who are suffering from constipation. Ragi is good for obese people because its digestionis slow and glucose is relaased very slowly into the blood.
Spring Onions contain healthy composition of vitamin -A, Vitamin -B2, Vitamin K and Vitamin C. They are very low in calories. They lower the oxidation of cholesterol and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Anti-bacterial properties in Spring Onions help to fight against cold and flu. Sulfur compound in this vegetable help in reducing and controlling blood pressure levels.
Here is a recipe with Ragi + Spring onions Rotti. Added coriander leaves, curry leaves, green chilly, coconut and ginger will give a spicy taste and who do not want it spicy, can avoid green chilly.  We can have this rotti for breakfast, snack or for dinner too. We can have this rotti with any type of chutney or Sambar or even with Dal. Definitely all the age group will enjoy eating this rotti.
Things Needed :
Raagi flour : 2 Cups
Rice flour : 2 to 3 Table spoons
Spring Onions : 2 Bundles
Coconut : 1/2 Cup
Green cilly :2
Curry leaves :20 to 25
Coriander leaves : 3 to 4 Table spoons
Salt : to taste
Oil: 1/2 Cup (3 to 4 Table spoons)

Method :
1. Wash and cut spring onions, green chilly, coriander leaves and curry leaves. Grate coconut. Grate ginger.
2. Take a big bowl. Put ragi flour, rice flour, cut spring onions, coconut, green chilly, curry leaves, coriander leaves, grated ginger and salt.
3. Mix nicely and then add required water. Let the dough should be soft and little watery.
4. Now keep a tava on the fire. Heat and sprinkle oil on the tava. Take a handful of rotti dough and spread it on the tava in a dosa shape.
5. Sprinkle 1 tea spoon of oil on the top of the rotti. Cover the rotti with a lid and cook on low or medium flame.
6. Turn the other side and cook for 1 to 2 minutes and remove from the pan and serve hot rotti with any kind of chutney or sambar of your choice.
7. Repeat the same with the remaining rotti.
Note; You can also add cut onions to this dough while mixing the dough. Cook the rotti on medium flame and be sure it does not burnt. Must cover the rotti with a lid, covering rotti will help it to cook faster and also it avoids a white patch ont the rotti. You can use more chilly if you like it spicy. You can also use less oil.  Keep the flame low while you are spreading the dough on the pan. It helps you to spread the rotti as thin as you like it. Keep a bowl of water by the side of the pan. Use this water to dip your hands while you are spreading the rotti. This procedure will help you to spread the rotti as a thin as you like. It also helps you to use less oil. It keeps the moisture while rotti is cooking.
Time : 30 to 40 Minutes.
Serves : 3 to 4

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